Pope Francis and President Trump Defend Charlie Gard’s Human Dignity, Parental Rights

In separate statements of support, Pope Francis and President Donald Trump have vigorously defended little Charlie Gard’s human dignity, and the right of his parents — Chris and Connie — to do everything in their power to save the life of their disabled son. Further, President Trump has extended a welcome to Charlie Gard in a U.S. hospital. The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network applauds both leaders for their heroic witness and protection of our most vulnerable and disabled brothers and sisters.
Charlie Gard, born with a rare genetic condition, experiences seizures, lives with a brain injury, and requires a ventilator to breath. Despite his parents’ wishes to attempt to treat their son, British and European bureaucrats, and the courts have not only denied the parents’ wish to continue life-sustaining treatment, but have in fact barred Charlie’s parents from taking him to a medical facility willing to care for him.
They won’t even allow Chris and Connie to take their baby home to die. As a result, Charlie Gard’s plight has generated international headlines due to the egregious denial of his parents’ basic rights to care for their child.
“Charlie’s mother and father have the energy, international support, and the financial support to care for their child,” explained Bobby Schindler, President of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network. “Yet British and European courts have decided that Charlie is better off dead than alive. In prohibiting his parents from taking Charlie to a supportive physician and hospital, the British medical system has functionally kidnapped this child and is intent on causing his death by removing his ventilator at any moment.”
Bobby Schindler has been in touch with Charlie’s parents, and is working with American allies in a desperate attempt to help find a way to bring Charlie to the United States for treatment.
“All who care about human dignity should want Charlie Gard transferred away from his hostile British and European physicians and judges,” continued Schindler. “All who care about parental rights and the rights of family members should be outraged at the way that Charlie’s parents have been barred from the chance to care for their son. All who care about the rights of the disabled should understand Charlie’s case for the wake-up call that it is.”
“We need to do better,” concluded Schindler. “We need to let Charlie live and die with those who love him, rather than government bureaucrats who think that the power of life and death should be solely in their hands.”
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