Brave Pilgrims Knew

Brave Pilgrims knew The sea would bring Them to a shore Where never a king Could thwart their quest Of duty pure: To worship God And faith insure. Return to our poetry section at: More Thanksgiving Poems: Thanksgiving Acrostic With Folded Hands on Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day Thanks to God for His Gifts Return to our poetry section at: Christian Poets Pen Christian poets are also invited to join the Christian Poets Pen Blog Christian Activities is on MySpace at:…

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Nashville’s Month Before Christmas

An oldie but goodie Christmas poem from 1999. ‘Tis the month before Christmas and all through the town The tinsel, lights, (snow?!?!) across Nashville abound. And all over town in arenas and halls From Legislative Plaza and to Rivergate Mall; From Belle Meade Plantation to Riverfront Park; Nashville glows all day, is ablaze after dark. Concerts and pageants, reunions and greeting Shopping and singing, decorating and eating. From the carols of Christmas to the Messiah’s strains New memories are made,…

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‘Thanks’ to caring saints this day who comfort those in mourning ‘Thanks’ to God who gives away new mercies every morning. ‘Thanks’ to those who meet a need for someone else today. ‘Thanks’ to all who pray �God speed� and give in thoughtful ways. ‘Thanks’ to those who feed the poor, who give themselves to others. ‘Thanks’ to soldiers off to war. Defending home and brothers. ‘Thanks’ to those who clothe the needy, who give with nothing spared. ‘Thanks’ to…

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Thanksgiving Day Poem

I marvel at the sight, behold the golden roast!So much to swoon the senses here,But let me share what matters most:It is having all my loved ones be so near.And for those who are not here,Know you are present in my heart.And today my thanks, I give in tears,Expressed in streams; revered as art.I give thanks today, remembering the livesThat were given as a gift by God the Father.This thanks is where the greatest living thrivesRefreshing heart and soul like…

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Autumn and Renewal

When fields of green have turned to sandy browns And scattered yellows dot the hillside grounds; Autumn winds prepare both shrub and tree for winter’s quiet solace where they cleave. The months of former foliage God removes Until with autumn rains He comes and soothes. The seasons of a tree and the heights of each begins when autumn winds begin to sweep. Another year and season they shall bare Though hard the winter nights, spring will repair The barrenness and…

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When Autumn Calls

As the green of summer leaves And the breezes stir the trees Their cover heaves with color: Older leaves are rediscovered. God’s brush begins to touch: Oh the blush of reddened bush! Yellows too, so bright and true Bedeck sky blue with gorgeous hues. Autumn browns too, oft surround Abounding high and on the ground Every shade in fall conveys A glorious fade to winter’s gray. Leaves are summer’s last reprieve: As varied species fall from trees. A closing flare…

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Autumnal Stir

If I could escape at this time of year And sail like a leaf down a river clear, Happy my journey through autumn would be– No claims, no distresses. . . freedom for me! Respite at sunset, refreshment at dawn, Leisure presiding the whole season long.Return to our poetry section at: Christian Poets Pen If you have a poem to share, please email it to us and make sure it is your original work and that you give us permission…

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‘Silver Leaves’ Issue 4 Combines High Fantasy with Deeper Meaning

Issue 4 of the high-fantasy artistic literary journal “Silver Leaves” is releasing this month filled with essays, poetry, fiction, and art inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien as well as writers like C.S. Lewis. While “Silver Leaves” is not intended as a Christian publication, with authors Tolkien and Lewis serving as inspirations for the journal–both of who are still respected as Christian authors, the literary journal has attracted several Christian contributors including Christian Activities publisher Kathryn E. Darden and artist Jef Murray…

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My Father’s Legacy

My father fought to keep this country free — A priceless legacy he left for me. He sacrificed his dreams, years of his life To leave America in liberty. Twice he endured the harsh and bitter strife — Japan, Korea… fields awash in gore, Maggot-infested corpses, stench of death. He braved it all, the bitter spoils of war, The nightmare marches, gasping out for breath, Loosing dear comrades in each bloody fight Mid groans and screams that went on endlessly….

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Articles & Poems About Mother’s Day

A list of links to various articles and poems I have written and/or published about Mother’s Day: Gospel Artists Share Mother’s Day Thoughts Notable Quotables: Mothers Missing Miss Mary What My Mother Taught Me Real Solutions for Busy Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity by Kathy Ireland Picking the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift How to Celebrate an Inexpensive Mother’s Day Mother’s Day Ideas: Queen for a Day on a Tight Budget Mother’s Day: When Forgiveness is the Best Gift…

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