Poems by Richard Dottery

In His Presence
In His Presence, You will be amazed
Pleased, and so at rest
Clearly, He will guide you
In directions that are best,
Request His Presence with you
And you will surly see
Love and Grace, and Joy and Peace
More than enough to satisfy you and me,
Depend on Him and Trust Him
In and Through His Only Son
And you will see, He’ll let you know
You are His number one,
Sometimes He’ll speak unto your mind
Sometimes unto your heart
Sometimes you’ll actually hear His Voice
So overwhelming from the very start.
Remember To Call and See
When sick and feeling weak
Remember to call and see
Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior
See how much He cares for thee,
He’ll never leave you, nor forsake you
If you Trust you will see why
You are so very special
You are The Apple, of His eye,
Sometimes Healing, sometimes Grace
Sometimes The Strength enough for you
But all is done in Perfect Love
With Perfect Timing, He will come through,
And so, in times of trouble
In sickness, when feeling low
Go straight to God through Jesus Christ
The only way to go.
Don’t Be Anxious
Be anxious for nothing
Worrying throughout each day and night
Rest in God’s Perfect Peace
Comforting, though out of sight,
Let Him know all your concerns
Your fears and all your woe
He’ll replace them with His Perfect Peace
As in His Grace you onward go,
Lay aside all fear and anxiety
In Jesus Christ let life be
Full of His Perfect Peace
As you Lean and Trust alone in He,
Unconditional Love He offers
And Grace and Mercy, be at rest
Enjoying, that Perfect Peace
You’ll know you’ve got the best.


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