Planned Parenthood of Idaho Alleged to Perform Abortions

Idaho Chooses Life Executive Director David Ripley issued a news release today, alleging that Planned Parenthood of Idaho has joined the rest of its federation in providing surgical and chemical abortions to women and girls.

“We have received credible information that Planned Parenthood of Idaho has become a direct abortion provider,” Ripley said in a prepared statement. “We understand they are flying in an abortionist once a week from Seattle to abort Idaho babies. Apparently this profit center was opened late last month to help pay for Planned Parenthood’s new palatial offices at Lake Harbor.”
“For years, Planned Parenthood of Idaho has hidden behind their claim that they don’t do abortions,” Ripley said. “That tattered cloak of acceptability is now gone.”
Ripley’s sources claim that the new Planned Parenthood abortion services will be done by Dr. Robert “Cam” McIntyre – who also serves as the Medical Director for Planned Parenthood of Western Washington. A check with the Idaho Board of Medicine confirmed that Dr. Robert McIntyre of Seattle received his Idaho license in late August.
Ripley challenged the quality of care and counseling being provided by a physician who flies in and out of the state.
“The Informed Consent Law of Idaho requires that women and girls receive high quality information and counseling at least 24 hours before an abortion,” Ripley charged. “How is that possible if the abortionist is not even present until the killing begins? This chop-shop system guarantees that efficiency and money come first.”
Ripley was not aware if Planned Parenthood’s Twin Falls offices also offered abortions, but says his group has long been concerned that this Planned Parenthood outpost would offer chemical abortions to women and girls.

“RU-486 abortions cause special concern, since the California affiliate of Planned Parenthood has just been sued by the family of a woman killed by this dangerous drug regimen,” Ripley added.


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