Planned Parenthood as Your Emergency Room Physician?

The state’s largest promoter and performer of abortions is working to broaden their reach by forcing their pro-abortion agenda on hospitals across Tennessee. House Bill 865 would require emergency rooms to counsel patients regarding the so-called “morning after” pill and to dispense the potential abortifacient upon request. An expected close vote on the bill is scheduled for Wednesday, May 25th on the house floor. Please contact your state representative today!
While claiming that drugs Preven and/or “Plan B” do not cause abortions, Planned Parenthood’s own website admits that the regimens can act to “prevent pregnancy” by “inhibiting implantation.”
Regardless of abortion politics, scientists and physicians generally recognize that human life begins at conception when a unique individual is formed at the meeting of a sperm and ovum. Implantation takes place after—not before—this point.
In addition to opposing HB 865 for the potential abortifacient qualities of the drugs, Tennessee Right to Life is deeply concerned by other elements of the legislation, including the following:
HB 865 includes no provision for informing women that the drug may act to “inhibit implantation” of an already conceived unborn child. Such an omission may actually compound the anxiety and tragedy for women who would never knowingly consent to an abortion under any circumstances.
HB 865 creates a state mandate which does not exempt religious hospitals that oppose abortion. According to the bill, hospitals which refuse to meet the mandate face strict fines and loss of state licensure.
HB 865 claims to address the victims of sexual assault yet the bill does not contain any requirement that such crimes be reported. Could any woman or girl present herself at an emergency room and receive guaranteed access to the “morning after” pill without filing a criminal report?
HB 865 creates a potential financial incentive for Planned Parenthood since hospitals not directly dispensing the drug would be required to refer patients to other providers. Clearly, Planned Parenthood has demonstrated their desire to promote and provide the drugs.

HB 865 is sponsored by pro-abortion Beverly Marrero (D-Memphis) in the state House and pro-abortion Steve Cohen (D-Memphis) in the state Senate. Both hold 100% pro-abortion voting records and have opposed even the most basic pro-life protections for Tennessee’s women and unborn children.
In addition, HB 865 is being lobbied by the following pro-abortion organizations: American Civil Liberties Union of TN, National Council of Jewish Women, Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee, Nashville Women’s Political Caucus, and Memphis Regional Planned Parenthood.
Victims of Assaults Deserve Our Care and Compassion.
They also deserve all the facts and fully informed consent.


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