Pfizer Repeatedly Under Fire for False Statements

~ UPDATE: Pfizer under fire again for false statements, this time from the state of Kansas. ~

Pfizer Under Fire for False Statements

Pfizer is under fire again, this time from the State of Kansas which is accusing the company of misleading the public about its COVID-19 vaccine. Kansas states that Pfizer is hiding risks of the vaccine while making false claims about its effectiveness. These false claims would be in violation of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act.

This is certainly not the first time Pfizer has come under fire for making deceitful claims and false statement.

Pfizer Exposed by Project Veritas, Tucker Carlson

Project Veritas is known for getting its reporters into surprising territory, uncovering things that organizations like Planned Parenthood, the leftist mainstream media, Big Tech and Big Pharma would like to keep secret.
A January 2024 revelation from Project Veritas was an eye-popping look at what Pfizer has been doing and/or plans to do in secret, but only Tucker Carlson seemed to be reporting on it.

Of course, Project Veritas is much maligned by the mainstream media and the leftist groups it looks into. It is hard to find an article in the legacy media about the watchdog organization that doesn’t use words like “deceptive” and “entrapment.” Well, yes, if you are going undercover to get to the truth, it does involve some deception and entrapment.

But accusations from the left aside, Project Veritas did talk to a Pfizer executive who said that the company is in the process of experimenting with mutations to COVID in an effort to create vaccines ahead of time. And when asked if that wasn’t “gain of function,” the Pfizer exec danced around the question.

Watch the Tucker Carlson video here.

Tucker Carlson and Project Veritas aren’t the only ones who have called out Pfizer and the vaccination process.

America’s Frontline Doctors & The Epoch Times on Possible Collusion Between Pfizer, Moderna & CDC

America’s Frontline Doctors reported in May about disturbing revelations that have been brought to light about the CDC’s handling of vaccine-related adverse effects, particularly myocarditis that has led to deaths post-vaccination. 

They point to information reported on by The Epoch Times, obtained through investigative efforts and Freedom of Information Act requests, which expose a “serious discrepancy between the CDC’s public statements and the actual data on the adverse impacts of COVID-19 vaccines.”

“Internal CDC documents have confirmed cases where myocarditis directly linked to COVID-19 vaccinations from Pfizer and Moderna, was indisputably acknowledged as a cause of death on autopsies and death certificates,” says AFLD.

These findings are in direct contrast with the CDC’s public assurance that there was no evidence linking the vaccines to any deaths. 

“People who die in the United States with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 are counted as COVID-19 deaths. That count has included a number of deaths from unrelated causes. The CDC also in 2023 advised death certifiers to include COVID-19 on certificates even if the deaths happened years after COVID-19 infection.”

—Epoch Times

The CDC has also set a very narrow window of 42 days following vaccinations to establish any causal link to adverse effects. After that arbitrary date, any connection to the vaccination is considered unreliable. 

The CDC’s cover up of vaccine-related deaths is in keeping with its close relationship with companies like Pfizer and Moderna who put profits far above patient welfare.

Australian Pfizer Officials Under Fire

Australian Pfizer officials also came under fire last fall when they tried to claim no one was forced to take the COVID-19 injections, instead claiming people were “offered an opportunity” to take the vaccination.

Australia’s vaccine mandate — which promised “freedom” to those who took jab—was accompanied by threats from officials. Australia’s Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner said in November 2021 that anyone who opposed the mandate or even supported someone who opposed the mandate would be considered an “anti-vaxxer.”

It appears that in a variety of scenarios, Pfizer has a hard time telling the truth.

Original article published May 9, 2024.

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