PETA’s Offensive Super Bowl Ad Dropped



According to yesterday’s Washington Post, NBC “nixed” a new Super Bowl ad from the animal rights activist group PETA “because the ad is too sexually explicit.” Kick-off time is approximately 6:20 pm Eastern; 5:20 pm Central; 4:20 pm Mountain; and 3:20 pm Pacific.
Robert Peters, president of Morality in Media, had these comments:
PETA is against eating pork for dinner but now faults NBC for rejecting a PETA Super Bowl ad that depicts what looks like the beginning of a home party striptease performance. In the 1978 FCC v. Pacifica case, the Supreme Court upheld the federal broadcast indecency law, at one point comparing broadcast indecency to a “‘nuisance…like a pig in the parlor instead of the barnyard.'”
Now, the Guardian of our dinner tables wants to beam the beginnings of an uninvited striptease act into tens of millions of homes during what is often the most-watched entertainment program of the season and one that attracts millions of children. Many will eat dinner at some point while watching the game.
PETA has a long history of engaging in morally offensive antics to promote its radical animal rights agenda, but it does its partly worthy cause no favor by doing so.
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