People Are Noticing: Annie Moses Band

The multi-talented Annie Moses Band will be releasing their eagerly awaited debut CD, “Eden,” on July 26, 2005. The group is comprised of the Wolaver family, which includes the parents and six siblings and showcases family members Annie, Alex, and Benjamin, who are all Julliard-trained musicians. The band was named for their maternal great-grandmother, Annie Moses, who began the musical legacy for the family.
Before releasing their first national CD, members of the band have already achieved accolades and incredible successes because of their exceptional talent. Their appearances include: Good Morning America, Public Radio International, Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and the Disney Young Musician’s Symphony Orchestra. Their initial awards include the Junior and Senior High national competition sponsored by the Music Teachers National Association and the Blount Concerto Competition.
Annie Wolaver, who fronts the Annie Moses Band as lead vocalist and violinist, describes their sound as “Adult Contemporary with strings.” No matter how you describe the music, the sound and message is connecting with their new fans. Since the formation of the group in 2002, Annie Moses Band has built a loyal fanbase of 9,000+ and plays to over 100,000 people annually.
“We like to play settings where parents can bring the entire family. The goal of our ministry is to encourage and affirm families, promoting excellence in young people,” says Wolaver.
Wolaver and her family take that commitment a step further by hosting school assemblies and being the guest artists at music camps during their busy tour schedule. They are using their God-given music gifts to help students focus and refine their artistic abilities for the Lord’s glory. They also enlisted the help of dear friend and mentor, Stephen Clapp, the Dean of Julliard, for the Fine Arts Camp in Raleigh, NC, in mid-July. Clapp has remained supportive of his former students and feels they can reach a mass audience.
“The Annie Moses Band has a fresh sound that is imaginative and attentive to classic traditions but yet is accessible to all. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their new CD,” says Clapp.
Another early supporter of this exciting, energetic group is radio commentator Charles Colson.
“The first time I heard the Annie Moses Band I was thrilled, my soul lifted. This family has great gifts from God and uses them powerfully. On getting to know them I’ve discovered also how authentic is their Christian witness. I haven’t been so inspired by any group in years. The Annie Moses Band is terrific!”
Band member Alex Wolaver sums it up the best when he says, “Our music is an outflow of who we are as people, and who we are as people is an outpouring from God.”


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