Pastor Allen Jackson Hosts Veterans Day Special on TBN

~ Pastor Allen Jackson Hosts Veterans Day Special ‘Where Honor is Due’ on TBN ~

To recognize the sacrifices made by our nation’s military members to preserve our freedoms, and to encourage others to join him in honoring our veterans, Pastor Allen Jackson will host a TBN Veterans Day special, “Where Honor is Due,”  airing on Friday, Nov. 11, beginning at 8 p.m. eastern. 

During the program, Pastor Jackson discusses the sacrifices made by our veterans – past and present – and the need to lift our voices in a chorus of thanks and apprecation for their service. He is joined by special guests:  

  • USMC Force Recon Veteran and Mighty Oaks Foundation Founder and President Chad Robichaux
  • JSOC Combat Interpreter Azizullah Aziz
  • Singer and Songwriter John Rich
  • Congressman Mark Green, M.D. (TN-07)

“We wanted to create a program celebrating the good things our United States Military is doing and has done in our world,” Pastor Jackson said.  “It is time to become patriots once again—people of faith who have the courage to say ‘thank you’ to those who have sacrificed for our freedom.” 

During the program, Pastor Jackson interviews Robichaux and Aziz about their time serving together in Afghanistan and how Robichaux was able to bring Aziz and his family safely to the U.S. after the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Singer John Rich also joins Pastor Jackson in expressing the need to show appreciation for our veterans before performing his song, “The Good Lord and the Man.” In addition, Pastor Allen talks with Cong. Green – a medical doctor – about the disrespect shown to our current and former military members when it comes to medical care and personal healthcare decisions. 

“The courage of those who serve enables the rest of us to live in quiet comfort. They deserve our respect and support,” Pastor Jackson said. “We want to take a few minutes to enlist you and your voice as grateful advocates for our military. Let’s focus on the heroes who have secured our freedoms and encourage others to join us in recognition of their sacrifices.” 

More information about “Where Honor is Due” can be found here.  Pastor Jackson’s most recent TBN special, “God Bless America, Again,” aired over Independence Day weekend and is still available for viewing on the TBN website.  

About Allen Jackson
Pastor Allen Jackson and his wife Kathy live near Nashville, Tennessee, where he has served as senior pastor at World Outreach Church since 1989. Under his leadership, the church has grown from less than 30 people to more than 15,000. His mission is to help people become more fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, and his biblical messages now reach and encourage countless people through Allen Jackson Ministries. His most recent book, “Big Trouble Ahead,” released from Thomas Nelson Publishers in August. 

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