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While the exact date P.O.D. was formed can be argued, most agree that it was sometime in the early 1990’s. Since that time the band has gone through both a lot of good times and some moments of struggle with feuding band members, label changes, and various outside pressures.
It looks like things have started to settle down for the band again though with their new release on Columbia/INO Records. After a several years absence co-founding member Marcos Curiel is back to add his guitar wizardry to the band’s music.
When Angels & Serpents Dance features a more mature sound from the band. You’ll still find a few of the band’s signature hard rocking tracks like “Addicted,” “End of the World,” and the most hardcore track found on the release, “God Forbid,” featuring Paige Hamilton (Helmet).
Besides Hamilton other featured artist include, Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) found on the hard-edged track, “Kalifor-Eye-A,” and The Marley Sisters (The Melody Makers) on the reggae song, “I’ll Be Ready.”
You’ll find departures from the band’s well-known hard edged sound on tracks like, “Shine With Me” with it’s pop flavor and “It Can’t Rain Everyday” with it’s blues-filled infusion style.
The release also features one instrumental track, “Roman Empire,” where Marcos gets to run free with his guitar riffs in a mixture of rock meets light jazz.
There are plenty of good lyrics found in the songs. “It Can’t Rain Every Day” talks about both dealing with and overcoming the tough times life throws at all of us. “Tell Me Why” deals with the politically charged issue of war with lyrics like, “Why must we fight, why must we kill in the name of what we think is right?”
One of my favorite tracks is the last one, “Rise Against.” It’s a medium tempo song that deals with the fact that knowing what’s right doesn’t really mean anything if you aren’t willing to take a stand and be willing to die for what you truly believe in. The world is filled with followers but they need someone willing to stand up and be a leader to them.
When Angels & Serpents Dance is a solid release that should keep P.O.D. and their music front and center in the musical spotlight.

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