Opportunities to Minister at 2004 Olympics

Summer 2004, the world gathers again to celebrate their best at the largest sports event. Athens, Greece: birth place of the Olympics and missions (ironic how everything comes back around). Again we’ll bring our best to the Games. Best musicians, best volunteers /missionaries in the world. For a variety of cultures we’ll provide a variety… Christafari -Reggae, to Denver & MHO -Big Band/Jazz, to Loudmouth Worshippers -Postmod/World Beat and more! Bring your God given talent and let’s show the world beauty with the truth and that faith can inspire great things.
Be an Athens Roadie – Come to Greece with us, help out, use your talent to help others receive the gospel. We can use everyone that is willing. We have accommodations. Be there and be a part of history!
Schedule of outreach.

Our Olympics outreach schedule is as follows:
Week 1- August 13, 2004- The Olympic Games Begin!
August 20-22 – The team will be spending a couple days on the Island of Crete doing outreach with locals there. Imagine Hawaii with a European flavor. Should be a ton of fun.
Week 2- August 23
August 26 – 28 – “End Game Party” at the Athens Centre featuring such groups as Loudmouth Worshippers, Denver & The Mile High Orchestra, Christafari and TBA Special Guest.
This is where it’s a music fest and missions trip all in one. All the work from some of the team members usually culminates in a great turn out and response.
August 29- The final day of the Olympics.
August 30- Most everyone is heading home.
Event Sponsors Include: Across, Greeks for Christ, InTheBible.com, it.B Music, Lion of Zion Ent, Saints Alive, YWAM and several other organizations around the world.
The goal is to help you use your God given talents and to help you maybe find some that you might not have known you had. We will dividing people up into teams of a dozen people. Some of the meaningful responsibilities that we will have for you as a Roadie to choose from are:
*Being a Roadie a big portion of you time you are going to spend helping out notable Christian musicians prepare for performances. Such groups as Christafari, Denver and The Mile High Orchestra, Loudmouth Worshippers and many others. As well as participate in an semi impromptu band / act called “Stomp Crew”. What a great learning experience of how to use art as evangelistic tool from people that do it everyday.
*Interviews, as with every Olympics in the past we are the window for Christian Radio, TV and various media throughout the world. We will be doing hundreds of interviews and with plenty to go around.
*Utilizing your musical talents by singing, dancing, playing an instrument, keeping the crowd excited with in between time entertainment, etc. “Stomp Crew” is going to be made up of Roadies that know how to keep a beat. In the tradition of some of the big recent Broadway hits. “Stomp Crew” will relate to people of all ages and is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. “Stomp Crew” members will need to be in Athens both weeks. Please do tell us ahead of time your musical abilities so we can best know where to put you. Don’t worry as long as you can tap to a beat we have pros to help you learn the rest.
*Going around Athens handing out little flyers that resemble the official Olympic Games event tickets and free CDs to people and hanging up colorful concert posters, inviting them to come to the concerts and sometimes getting Olympics pins in return. The great thing is you are meeting people from all over the world and these are a great conversation starter for potential evangelism. Also, people have really enjoyed doing this because you can go all over the city checking out where all of the sports venues are.
*An exciting and important thing is praying mightily over and around the concert locations. Praying with faith that God would use the musicians to minister to people and we would see a great flow of healings and salvation’s. Ready and available to pray with people that ask. This is the most important thing you can do.
*Setting up stage area, helping musicians carry their instruments to the stage, hooking up mics, assisting with sound, lighting, anything within that arena.
*If office work is your forte, you can help with that! Bulk emailing updates about the outreach or emailing radio/TV stations. Possibly answering telephones, running light errands, etc.
Thanks for your interest Just goto www.gofest.org fill out the “Roadie Form” to start the process. See you in Greece.


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