Obamacare Suffers Another Setback


CA Staff
Aug 15, 2011




A federal court joins 26 states in stating that Obamacare is unconstitutional. In a decision late last week, the three-judge panel said the individual mandate provision in President Obama's health care law violates the U.S. Constitution.

This is the most significant setback yet to the unconstitutional law. Earlier this year, the House voted to repeal OBAMACARE, but the Democratically-controlled Senate killed the legislation.

In its 2-1 ruling, the Atlanta-based 11th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with a federal district court in Florida ruling that the individual mandate is not authorized under the Constitution's Commerce clause, which allows the federal government to regulate interstate commerce. Chief Judge Joel Dubina wrote that Obamacare's individual mandate is "a wholly novel and potentially unbounded assertion of congressional authority."

Friday's ruling makes it likely that the U.S. Supreme Court will step in and rule on the constitutionality of Obamacare sometime next year.

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