Note from Cherie Adams

Dear Kathryn,
I want to personally thank you for the tremendous support you’ve shown me throughout my years as a member of the award winning group, Avalon. You may be familiar with my testimony regarding Avalon, however, you may not.

Briefly, after much prayer and consideration, I chose to leave Avalon in 2002. Although it was one of the most difficult decisions I ever had to make, I can say with much confidence and peace, it was a decision the Lord wanted me to make for quite some time.
My five-year career with Avalon proved to be an intense healing period for me personally. Through His healing, the Lord birthed a unique calling of deeper ministry in my heart. Since then, my desire to minister to people around the world on a deeper level has increased tremendously.
Shortly after leaving Avalon, I signed a deal with Butterfly Records. Unfortunately, after a year of waiting patiently for them to release my debut solo CD and recording three songs during that time, they went bankrupt. At that point, it became clear to my husband, Kevin, and I that we were to not waste any more time. We picked up where Butterfly Records left and began recording my debut solo CD without the backing of a major label. We did it out of pure obedience to God.
As we fast-forward to today, I’m again taking one of the biggest steps of faith in Jesus right now and would ask that you keep me in your prayers. Kevin and I finished the record and recently released my debut solo CD, The Sweet Life, into the marketplace.
The Sweet Life is our offering to God. I co-wrote 8 of the 11 songs and every song has an incredible story/testimony behind it. God has been doing some AMAZING things in my life over the years and I’m passionate about declaring His faithfulness. This is the reason why I had to finish this record. And this is the reason why I do what I’m called to do despite any obstacle. It is my prayer that the songs on The Sweet Life will enable listeners to hear and experience God’s faithfulness behind the music.
I understand that it takes more than talent as an artist to succeed. I believe that it takes friends like you believing in that artist’s overall vision of making Jesus known and doing your part to support that vision. For example, I’ve always considered it an honor to be part of Avalon and to be among the artists you chose to feature in your magazine. More importantly, it touched me very deeply to know that I was a partnering with you in bringing Christ to the world through our music and your ministry. And with that said, I’m very much looking forward to partnering with you in the days ahead in this new chapter of my life and ministry in continuing to bring Christ to the world.
In closing, thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your support all these years throughout my career and ministry. I look forward to embarking on this incredible new journey together.
God bless you.
Love in Christ,
Cherie Adams


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