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Kathryn E. Darden
Aug 31, 2001

How does tobyMac answer the question, “Why do a solo album now?” He states simply, “When you’ve spent over a dozen years as one-third of an entity, then a part of you starts to wonder how much of what the band does is really you. So, I guess the short answer is because I needed to find out who I was
as a solo artist.” tobyMac celebrated more than 1 #1 with “Somebody’s Watching Me”. The single was also Hitbound on
CCM Updates CHR chart recently. tobyMac is currently in the studio finishing up his debut album, ‘Momentum.' Look for that album in stores on November 6th. Look for tobyMac’s debut release, ‘Momentum,’ to hit streets on November 6th. tobyMac is wowing the crowds on the concert circuit right now. For all the latest tour information on where you can see tobyMac, check out Christian Activities TobyMac Forum is at:
TobyMac Forum

Kevin Max’s first solo single, “Be” was a CCM Update Chartbuster. Here’s an interesting little fact: The song “Her Game” on “Stereotype Be” was inspired by the popular video game “Tomb Raider.” Kevin continues to give crowds a taste of his new solo project while on
tour with dc talk. The early bird gets the worm, or in this case the extended CD booklet for “Stereotype Be.” A limited number of CDs will include a 32-page booklet that will feature more photos from Kevin’s latest photo shoot that you can’t find anywhere else. After the first few are gone, the remaining number of CDs will include a smaller, 16-page booklet. So don’t get left behind! Be sure to pick up “Stereotype Be” released on August 28. Kevin’s first solo single is “Be.” The next single to be released to radio will be “Existence.” The Christian Activities Kevin Max Forum is at: Kevin Max Forum


Michael Tait, leader singer for Tait, was featured on the cover of the August issue of Christian Single Magazine. Tait is currently on tour around the country. For a complete list of cities where you can catch them LIVE, check out Tait’s first single of ‘Empty’ is still holding steady on the charts after several weeks in the #1 position. Tait’s next single, “Loss for Words,” will go for adds to AC and CHR on
August 31st. Little piece of trivia: Where is Michael Tait’s favorite place he’s ever gotten to snowboard? Answer: the Matterhorn in Switzerland. “Loss for Word,” the second single from ‘Empty,’ went for radio adds on
August 31st. The Christian Activities Tait Forum is at: Tait Forum

As the Audio Adrenaline guys are continuing to work away on their new album, “Lift”, they are also preparing for the first release from that album, “Beautiful,” which
will be hitting radio on August 24. Bob Herdman, former Audio Adrenaline band member and current President of Flicker Records and his wife recently welcomed home their third child, Walker. Also, AA band manager, Scott Brickell and his wife are now parents of a healthy baby girl, Sarah Grace, who was born this week! Congrats to the proud new parents! More AA below. The Christian Activities Audio Adrenaline Forum is at:Audio Adrenaline Forum

Gotee artist Jennifer Knapp was named one of the top 50 touring acts of the Winter/Spring 2001 touring season, and the only
Christan artist on the list, by Pollstar magazine. The Lay It Down Tour sold out 76% of its tour dates and landed Jennifer in the
company of U2, matchbox twenty, Billy Joel/Elton John, and Nelly Furtado.

Word Records vocalist and songwriter Nicole C. Mullen, kicked off the Tennessee Titan’s season as she performed the National
Anthem at their home game Saturday, August 11. Nicole C. Mullen is the first artist performance for the season and the only Christian artist booked
for the entire Titan’s season. Nicole will also be featured on Songs 4 Worship - The Tour set for fall 2001. Proper Management, in conjunction with GET
Management and the Creative Artist Agency will be promoting this special worship tour that will feature 10 shows in 10 days beginning
on Oct. 11, featuring worship leaders Michael W. Smith, Darlene Zschech, Don Moen, Nicole C. Mullen, Caedmon’s Call and

Congratulations to Rebecca St. James for recently having two songs recognized by
Broadcast Music, Inc. as receiving the most airplay for the year. “Yes I
Believe in God” and “Don’t Worry” were both written and performed by
Rebecca. Rebecca and her band are currently spending a little time in the studio
working on Rebecca’s upcoming praise and worship project, due out in 2002. The video for “Reborn” is still holding fast at the top spot according to
the Christian Video chart. Rebecca’s “Wait For Me” tour is off to a good start! Tickets for her
upcoming West Palm Beach show sold out on the first day of sale! By the
end of the day, they fulfilled 1500 ticket orders for a building that seats
2000, and have many orders left to fulfill so they are certain that it is
sold out. “Wait For Me” is continuing to impact Christian radio. According to the
CCM Update, the song crawled up from #8 to #7 on the CHR chart. It also
debuted at #20 on the CCM Update AC chart. On the R&R CHR Chart, “Wait For
Me” is at #6. Rebecca and her band are currently spending a little time in the studio
working on the first three songs for Rebecca’s upcoming studio project, due out in 2002.

ERIN O'DONNELL put on her mother hat recently when she gave the devotional for the Mother's Of Preschooler's (MOPS) international office in Denver. She has also been asked to be a part of their national convention next year. And, on the recording side of things, MRS. O'DONNELL's lovely vocals can be heard on the current Prayer of Jabez album.

Congratulations to Geoff Moore and his wife Jan for becoming new parents to a
beautiful little girl named Anna. Geoff and his wife went to China about a month ago to adopt Anna. The Moore’s have been busy introducing little Anna to all of their family and are currently resting at their home in Nashville. This month, Geoff Moore will be the worship leader for a satellite conference
facilitated by INJOY. The “Team Simulcast,” will be hosted by John C. Maxwell and include appearances by “Prayer of Jabez” author, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, and a couple of former castaways from “Survivor.” The conference will be simulcast to over 700 churches across the country and reach over
75,000 attendees. Geoff will be leading the worship sections of the conference, where he will be performing songs from ForeFront’s “Prayer of Jabez Music…A Worship Experience” CD that will be release on August 28.

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