Nickelodeon to Air Homosexual Program Targetted at Children

The homosexual newspaper, “Washington Blade” has just published an
action alert on TVC’s campaign against the airing of a pro-homosexual
show on Nickelodeon. The alert indicates that the show is already in
production?contrary to what I was told by Marva Smalls, a Nickelodeon
Executive Vice President. Smalls told me that the program was only in
the development stages?not in full production. In short, she lied to me!
The “Blade” is now urging its homosexual readers to contact TVC and
Nickelodeon to protest our effort to keep this show from airing. They
are aggressively targeting children for homosexual recruitment!
I need your help today to flood Nickelodeon with petitions urging them
to stop production of this show.
Nickelodeon advertises itself as a network that parents can trust. We
now know that we can’t trust them. The “Blade” article headline says it
all: “Nickelodeon goes gay.” The “Blade” says that the Gay and Lesbian
Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is working with Nickelodeon on this
upcoming children’s program!
If you are one of the 43,000 who have already signed this petition, I
want to thank you. If you haven’t signed it, please do so now! Go to:Stop Nickelodeon
Please send this
information on to your friends. Ask that they sign this petition today!
We must send a strong message to Nickelodeon that we are angry that they
would use their network to promote the homosexual agenda! This show must
be cancelled! Please act today!
I am urging you to sign this petition to
protest this effort to normalize homosexuality. Nickelodeon leaders must
get the message that they should not be promoting sodomy to children!
To sign this petition, go to: Stop Nickelodeon


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