New Hillsong Worship Kids Book ‘What a Beautiful Name’

Cute, Colorful Children’s Book Based on Hillsong Worship’s Grammy Award-Winning Song “What A Beautiful Name” a Good Christmas Gift

In 2018, Hillsong Worship’s Brooke Ligertwood and Ben Fielding accepted a Grammy Award for their song, “What A Beautiful Name,” which has since reached more than 370 million YouTube views and is sung by millions in churches across the world every Sunday.

“What A Beautiful Name” has become a staple worship song, and not only for adults—little ones love to belt out the name of Jesus just as much. In response, Brooke and Ben and their respective spouses, Scott Ligertwood and Karalee Fielding, have released a children’s book titled WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NAME(9/15/20, WaterBrook), which brings to life the song’s themes for young hearts in a fun and unique way.

“Every single week we receive emails, social media postings and YouTube videos of children the world over singing this song,” the authors write. “Some know the words perfectly, others make up their own. Regardless, their little hearts are being opened to the Gospel message, and we want to help make this message even more accessible.”

The authors tell the story of little Oliver and his monkey friend Leo—inspired by the Fieldings’ son and his stuffed animal—who hear Oliver’s mother singing “What A Beautiful Name.” Curious to know who she’s singing about, Oliver embarks on the adventure of a lifetime alongside Leo to discover this mysterious name. He journeys through space, searches through jungles, and navigates oceans, all the while marveling at the beauty, wonder, and power that surrounds him.

As he takes a moment to rest, he suddenly remembers the name he’s been searching for all along, then races home to find it in his Bible: “Creator and Savior, who made everything, Beautiful, Wonderful, Powerful King…JESUS.”

This lyrically engaging story paired with adorable illustrations from Scott will captivate young imaginations, inviting them to discover alongside Oliver the beauty, wonder, and power of God. They’ll find that they don’t have to go far after all to find the Name above all names, because the name and person of Jesus is with them always and can take residence in their hearts.

“Worship is WONDER,” the authors write. “Teaching children about worship is to teach them about the WONDER of who God is. That there will never be enough words, (and) their imaginations will never be able to fully comprehend the goodness and fullness and faithfulness of God.”

With Hillsong churches in 28 countries and 52 cities including New York, LA and San Francisco, the Hillsong Music brand has become highly recognizable in Christian households across the world. More than 50 million people sing their worship songs in churches every Sunday, and millions more purchase their albums and stream their music online.

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