New Coronavirus Stats Announced for Tennessee

This article is updated periodically with new information. Latest update May 28, 2020. These article on Coronavirus Stats for Tennessee was first published on April 9.

While Tennesseeans are still being urged to stay home to flatten the Coronavirus curve and to practice COVID-19 Safety Tips when they have to get out, this past Friday, Gov. Bill Lee signed an executive order to allow groups of 50 people to participate in social and recreational activities in time for Memorial Day weekend. However, Lee said he is still is “encouraging strong social distancing measures.”

“We can lift restrictions and open up our economy with social distancing. Remember that as we go out – part of the way we can do this and address it safely,” Lee said at his weekly news conference on Thursday. On May 28,  the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Tennessee is 21,679 with 356 deaths and 415,989 tests, according to the Tennessee Department of Health said. Wikipedia adds 13,916 recoveries to those numbers.

Following Tennessee’s Coronavirus Stats

According to a WKRN report on April 9, the Metropolitan Health Department’s updated Coronavirus stats for Tennessee placed the number of COVID-19 cases in the state at 1,231. The report also put the number of local deaths from the novel Coronavirus at 13.

An April 15 report on Wikipedia listed 1,237 cases in Davidson County alone with 18 deaths.

Screenshot of April 9 WKRN Twitter post

Across the state some 98 people had died of coronavirus in Tennessee and the number of cases statewide had grown to 4,862, the Tennessee Department of Health reported on April 10. On April 15, Wikipedia reported 6,079 confirmed cases, 135 deaths, and 2,196 recoveries in Tennessee.

On Friday, April 24, Gov. Lee issued the first steps from the “Tennessee Pledge,” the state’s guidelines for Tennessee businesses to reopen in 89 of the state’s 95 counties with recommendations on how to keep employees and customers safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The first industries to receive guidance through the plan included the restaurant and retail industries. Around the same time, Nashville unveiled their Phase One for going back to work to go into effect on May 11.

Nashville’s Phase One plan for reopening the city

At the time, Tennessee had seen the average daily growth rate of novel Coronavirus cases remain stable for 14 days, in addition to a steady downward trajectory in positive tests since April 1. However, on May 1, the number of cases more than doubled and Tennessee’s numbers continued to climb. Around that time, Tennessee was named the state with the 6th fewest Coronavirus restrictions.

The COVID-19 numbers for Tennessee as of May 6 are: 13,571 confirmed cases, 6081 recovered and 219 deaths. For Davidson County those numbers are: 2,904 confirmed cases, 1,412 recovered and 28 deaths, according to Wikipedia.

While some predicted we were near the peak of the COVID-19 crisis near the end of April, other experts warn the disease may follow the pattern set by other pandemics, like Spanish Flu and SARS. As a result, Coronavirus may slow down during the summer just to return with a vengeance in the fall.

Tennessee had been falling behind other states in Coronavirus preparations. The state fell as low as the 3rd state from the bottom in COVID-19 preparation according to surveys from WalletHub. Now the financial website places Tennessee at #27 in aggressive action against the pandemic.

A dramatic graph has been circulating created by Kentucky educator Stephanie Jolly comparing Tennessee’s response to COVID-19 with neighboring state, Kentucky. Kentucky declare a state of emergency on March 6 following its first case. Tennessee declared its state of emergency on March 12 with 18 cases. Tennessee’s first case was reported on March 5. To date Tennessee’s Coronavirus outbreak is three times as bad as Kentucky’s.

In mid-March, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed an executive order enabling the state to better prepare for the coronavirus outbreak. At the time, the state only had 537 available ventilators, so health leaders were working to obtain new ventilators to hold centrally to send to counties as needed.

New Coronavirus Model

An updated coronavirus model predicted fewer deaths and a milder outbreak in Tennessee, but that model was based upon extending social distancing orders through May. While Governor Lee has said the new model was helping to guide his administration, his executive orders closing non-essential businesses and mandating residents stay at home are currently scheduled to end on April 14.

Without factoring in social distancing orders through May, the previous model had predicted as many as 3,000 Tennesseans would die by August.

In the meantime, it would be a good idea for Tennessee resident to self-isolate if they are older or have health issues and follow COVID-19 safety tips when they have to get out to keep those numbers down.

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