Nelson Releases Book on Charismatic Movement

A centennial observance will give birth to a new book from
Thomas Nelson Publishers. The first hundred years of the
Pentecostal/charismatic movement is recorded in The Century of the Holy Spirit
. Dr. Vinson Synan has written many books during his years of ministry, but
arguably, none more important than this one.
Set for release to CBA stores in March 2001 by Nelson’s Reference &
Electronic Publishing Division, The Century of the Holy Spirit chronicles 100
years of the Pentecostal and Charismatic renewal, a movement that now touches
the lives of over 500 million people worldwide. Dr. Synan details the story
of the growth of the movement in the U.S. and abroad in words and in
pictures. He also includes chapters on the roles played by Catholics, women,
African-Americans, and Hispanics, each written by authorities within those
Also timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary, and concurrent with the
book’s release, the cable news network MSNBC is planning a documentary of the
Pentecostal movement and has already included Dr. Synan in its interview
segments. The CBS show “60 Minutes” also has contacted Dr. Synan regarding a
similar piece.
“I’m thrilled with the response so far,” said Dr. Synan from his home in
Virginia, where he serves as the dean of the School of Divinity at Regent
University. “This has been a labor of love for me. The history of this
movement has been so compelling from a research standpoint. The
Pentecostal/charismatic renewal has been the most significant happening in
the body of Christ over the past 100 years.”
Leading Charismatic authorities such as David Barrett, Peter Hocken, Sue
Hyatt, Robert Owens, and Gary McGee contributed to the book. A timeline and
genealogy tree have been carefully constructed, giving the reader an
“at-a-glance” history of the movement. The Century of the Holy Spirit is
thoroughly illustrated with photographs, charts, figures, and vignettes, as
well as a 16-page color insert.
“People within the charismatic renewal movement will find this to be a joyful
celebration history lesson,” says Phil Stoner, Executive
Vice-President/Publisher for Nelson’s Reference and Electronic Publishing
Division. “But this is also a valuable resource for those interested in
studying the history of the movement and its impact in the life of the Church
Nelson’s Reference & Electronic Publishing Division has been honored with
numerous Silver and Gold Medallion Awards for excellence in publishing.
Nelson reference books make up 44% of the top 50 best-selling reference
titles, according to the Christian Booksellers Association’s Marketplace
Magazine. Nelson Reference & Electronic Publishing division is part of
Thomas Nelson Inc. The company is based in Nashville, Tennessee.


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