NEDY Releases New Anthem, “Humble Yourself

~ Inspirational Pop Singer/Songwriter NEDY Releases New Anti-Bullying Anthem, “Humble Yourself” ~

NEDY Releases “Humble Yourself

Maybe my perspective on bullying is different than most. As a shy, awkward, skinny girl, I was bullied a lot growing up, from elementary school, where the bullying was very bad, through middle school, where I was ignored and excluded more than bullied. By high school I had hit my stride and pretty much left the bullying behind. I was bullied many years later as an adult working at Macy’s after I reported a manager who stole our commissions and hid our vacation requests, but thanks to my childhood lessons, I didn’t let it phase me.

Not everyone is bullied in school, but back then it was a pretty normal rite of passage during childhood. Many kids were picked on for their difference and almost everyone was teased to various degrees about differences and mistakes.

When I tried to tell my parents about the bullying, I was told to just ignore it. And in hindsight, I think it made me a stronger person with a thicker skin than I would have had without it. Be that as it may, in 2024, bullying has become a dirty word, tantamount to physical violence in the way it is perceived.

Case in point: Rising Inspirational Pop singer/songwriter NEDY’s latest single, “Humble Yourself,” spreads a message of self-love and strength. “Humble Yourself” reminds you to embrace what makes you unique and ignore those who try to bring you down. The song offers support and encourages listeners to hold on to their positive power and not let anyone take it away.

“Humble Yourself” was premiered by CCM Magazine, and over the next few weeks, NEDY will release a lyric and music video for her growing fan base. STREAM/DOWNLOAD at

For the premiere with CCM Magazine, visit HERE.

“Humble Yourself” emerged from my experiences of being bullied by co-workers and managers at the restaurant where I was employed,” shares NEDY. “It’s a reminder that everyone deserves equal respect and dignity, regardless of appearances or beliefs. Despite their treatment of me, my message in the song is that we all share the same inherent value as human beings.”

No word on whether the song addresses the hard truth that not all differences are healthy and appropriate, and some difference should not be enabled.

Taking a stand against the trauma of bullying many have experienced, NEDY created the Friends Forever Club, an anti-bullying nonprofit, playing hand in hand with the concept of the single to combat childhood bullying. Offering a shoulder to lean on, the club is a safe space for those going through troubling times of self-doubt fueled by the damage of bullying and acts as a friend to those experiencing this hatred firsthand.

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Visit HERE to join The Friends Forever Club on Instagram.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts for any reason, call the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Just dial 988.

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