National Drive With Your Headlights On Day

We have 10 days and counting to get the word out all across this great land we love and call the United States of America.
THE PROGRAM IS THIS: On Thursday, October 11th, 2001, have everyone in the
USA that will be driving a motor vehicle that day to drive with their
headlights on during daylight hours. This will be the 30th day commemoration
in honor of our fallen friends desecrated by the terrorists’ attacks on NYC ,
the Pentagon, and the highjacked plane that crashed in PA. Read on.
The purpose of driving with headlights on this day will: 1). Show our
respect, friendship, and tribute to all of those individuals that lost their
lives on that dreadful September 11, 2001 day. 2). Show our concern for the
family members of those individuals. 3). Show those uncouth terrorists that
the fabric of the USA is stronger than steel. 4). Show that we Americans
have solidarity standing shoulder to shoulder against any terrorists’ acts
upon the USA. You can probably add others to this list.
From the editor:
We get many emails at Christian Activities about flag days, wear red, white and blue days, candle outside at night,
and now National Drive With Your Headlights On Day. While I do not personally feel like anyone is less patriotic
for NOT participating in one or more of these activities, still, they offer Americans a chance to show unity and even
support, so we are happy to pass them along for our readers who want to participate.
However, please remember that there are greater needs and probably some long-term needs that will require a deeper
level of commitment than lighting a candle, hanging a flag and driving with your headlights on, so let these small
actions encourage us to do something more.
For starters I would suggest the following:
Let every flag remind you to pray for our nation and our leaders
Let every candle remind you to be a light in your community – a representative of God’s love in action
Let every headlight remind you to pray and work for the expansion of God’s kingdom here on earth, whether it be
through missions, revival, or supporting your local church or cell group.
Remember: actions speak louder than headlights.
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