Nashville Ranked No. 3 City with Green Space

~ Nashville is the No. 3 City With the Most Green Space ~

Most people love to get out in nature and take a scenic walk or drive. So, which cities have the best access to parks, yards and green spaces?

Lawn Love ranked nearly 100 of the biggest U.S. cities to determine 2023’s Cities With the Most Green Space. How does Nashville stack up?

Southern cities overall did well with their green spaces, sprouting to the top of the rankings thanks to high total green area per capita. Lexington, Kentucky, ranked No. 2 overall in this metric, behind Chesapeake, Virginia, with Music City coming in at No. 3.
Nashville’s Rank in Some Key Metrics (1 = Most)
  • Average Yard Square Footage – 2
  • Total Public and Private Green Area per Capita – 5
  • Total Park Acreage – 13
  • Number of Parks & Green Spaces – 22

To come up with their ranking, Lawn Love compared the cities based on number of parks, total acreage, and average yard size, among five total factors.

The full ranking and analysis are available here: 

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