Nashville Ranked Number 16 Best City for Hipsters

~ Nashville Scores number 16 on Best City for Hipsters List ~

It has been known for some time that East Nashville is a Mecca for hipsters, but who knew Nashville was so hip? According to the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp., Middle Tennessee is home to elegant hotels and spas, fine dining and chef driven restaurants, shops that highlight upscale brands, and unique luxury experiences that make Nashville a great high-end destination to visit. But that’s not necessarily what hipsters are looking for.

We discovered recently that there is a lot about Nashville that would appeal to nerds, beekeepers and brunch lovers, but how about those hipsters?

If you love all things indie, vintage, and obscure, then you’re likely to thrive in one of 2022’s Best Cities for Hipsters. That’s why LawnStarter ranked the 200 biggest U.S. cities: to help maximize your chances of finding a circa 1970s alpaca wool coat, cage-free eggs, and just chill vibes. 

Nashville a Great City for Hipsters

How does Nashville stack up? Not surprisingly, Music City scored very high marks for music venues. Nashville also had high marks for its number of craft breweries. Nashville ranked number 16 city for hipsters on the list.

Nashville’s Rank for Some Key Metrics (1st = Best)
Number of Urban Outfitters Locations – 15th
Environmental Consciousness – 19th
Music Venues per 100,000 Residents – 4th
Number of Craft Breweries  – 11th
To come up with their ranking, LawnStarter looked at 30 anti-cool factors — from access to thrift stores, farmers markets, and vinyl to unicycle- and morning rave-friendliness.

Other Tennessee cities that made the list include Knoxville at number 45, Memphis at 94, and Chattanooga as the caboose at 106 for hipsters.

The full ranking and analysis are available here: 

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