Nashville Ranked 16th Best Metro Area for a Pest Control Business

~ Nashville is ranked the 16th best metro area for starting a pest control business ~

April is National Pest Management Month. The process of managing and preventing pests like insects, rodents and other animals from causing damage to homes, businesses and other areas is called pest control. Methods of managing harmful pests include traps and pesticides.

Nashville 16th Best Metro Area for Starting Pest Control Business

Which U.S. markets are ideal for entrepreneurs looking to launch a pest control venture? For National Pest Management Month, Pest Gnome ranked 2024’s Best Metro Areas to Start a Pest Control Business.

How does Nashville stack up in some key pest control metrics (1st = Best)?

Average Hourly Wage for Pest Control Workers – 84th
Number of Statewide Pest Control Training Programs – 41st
Pest Control Certification Fee – 8th
Pest Control Jobs per 1,000 Total Jobs – 74th
Average Monthly Google Searches for Local Pest Control Providers Over Past 3 Years – 11th

How does Nashville compare with other Tennessee metros (1st = Best)?

Knoxville – 25th
Clarksville – 29th
Chattanooga – 38th
Morristown – 147th 

To come up with their ranking, Pest Gnome compared over 230 of the biggest U.S. metro areas based on 5 categories. More specifically, they looked at the number of common pest species, average hourly pay, and access to pest control training programs, among 10 total metrics. This is how they determined that Nashville is the 16th best metro area for starting a pest control business.

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photo by Alan Emery for Unsplash.

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