Nashville Claims No. 12 Best Cold City for Farmers Markets in Winter

~Nashville Farmers Markets in Winter~

Nashville is famous around the world for its music, but did you know Nashville also has bragging rights about its winter farmers markets? Nashville recently scored # 12 in a Lawn Love survey of farmers markets in cold cities during the cold winter months.

Lawn Love points out that winter can put a freeze on farmers markets as the days get shorter in colder parts of the country. Fortunately, many stay open so patrons can keep buying locally grown produce and unique goods all season long.

So, which cities offer the best access to farmers markets between November and March?

Lawn Love compared 60 of the biggest U.S. cities in states with historically colder winters to rank 2022’s Best Cold Cities for Farmers Markets in Winter Months.

They looked for walkable cities with good weather and, of course, plenty of winter markets to visit throughout the season.

How does Music City compare to other cities?

Nashville’s Rank in Some Key Metrics (1 = Best)
* Winter Farmers Markets – 37th
* Walk Score – 2nd
* Climate Rank – 34th
* Number of Very Cold Days in Winter – 12th
* Overall Score – 41.19
To find out more about cold weather farmers markets and the cities that host them, the full Lawn Love ranking and analysis can be found here:

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