Narnia Devotional 1: Train Station/Ruins



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All that is good in Narnia has gone into hiding. Evil seeks to destroy
what good remains. All that stands in the way is one person.
His name is Caspian.
The kids discover that they’re in their castle, but that 1300 years
have elapsed in Narnia since their last visit.
Time. Everyone has to deal with time. It’s a river, continually
flowing in one direction. We cannot stop it, and we cannot control it.
We cannot reverse, nor can we speed it up. Every being on this planet
is subject to its relentless flow.
In contrast, God exists outside of time. He surrounds time and gives
eternal significance to Buzz Lightyear’s signature phrase, “To
infinity and beyond!” A good way to illustrate this is to take a six
inch ruler and cup it tightly in both hands. Imagine that the points
marked along the ruler are calendar dates past and future. Because you
hold the ruler in the palms of your hands, you surround all the points
on the ruler. You are present everywhere on the ruler, just as God
surrounds, experiences, and is present at all points in our time line.
This is a fun concept to think about. Imagine: Right now God is seeing
Jesus hanging on the cross for us and He is watching us as we explore
our future heavenly home!
Here are some Bible verses that might help you stretch your mind past the human
concepts of time. In these
Scriptures you will discover:

2 Peter 3:8 – God is not limited to our concept of time. Days, hours
and years have no real significance for Him.

John 8:56-59 – Jesus Himself exists outside the realm of time. He was
born in a manger and yet was in existence before all time.

Jeremiah 1:5 – God knows each of us intimately even before our birth.
Divine action in our lives takes place outside of the timeline and
before our coming into being.

Ephesians 2:4-6 – Physical death releases us from the timeline—yet,
because God surrounds time and eternity, it is possible for us to be
“seated at His right hand” and enjoying God’s presence even before we
can experience it ourselves. This concept is really tough to imagine.
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