Music Reviews

July 31, 2001

This is the type of project that is meant to be popped into the CD player for a road trip, or cruising country back roads.

July 23, 2001

DC Talk puts on an amazing rock show to a faithful Christian beat.

July 2, 2001

All three original members are back
together. Patrick Andrew: bass, vocals; Mark Nash:
drums; and Joel Hanson:vocals, guitar.

May 14, 2001

The rumors have finally been put to rest! DC Talk
has, in fact, gone "solo"!

April 3, 2001

Christian Music's Mark Schultz Offers Moving Message and Concert at Bluefield College

March 19, 2001

'Now the News' is a super project that succeeds musically and lyrically.

March 18, 2001

Contemporary Christian music lovers from across the region flocked to
the campus of Bluefield College, Thursday, March 15 for a concert with
rising new bands Solomon's Wish and The Elms.

February 28, 2001

The following is a Word Gold: 5 Decades of Hits preview by Thom Granger that will also be featured in the
project's liner notes.

January 26, 2001

The Left Behind concert brought music, jokes, lights, cameras, and action to Nashville, plus a message.

December 15, 2000

Three different writers review Michael W. Smith's "Freedom"