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Diamond Rio Review

Web //–> The band Diamond Rio has long been one of country music’s most successful groups. In their over two decades in the music business they’ve won numerous awards, have had nine No. 1 hits, placed 15 singles in the Top Five, been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, and have sold more than 10 million records and received the Minnie Pearl Humanitarian Award in recognition of their many charitable endeavors, including their longtime relationship as National Spokespersons for…

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BarlowGirl- How Can We Be Silent

Web //–> The trio of sisters, Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow have come a long way in a short amount of time. It all started in 2004 with their self-titled debut release followed up in 2005 with Another Journal Entry, and now their third and latest release on the Fervent Record label, How Can We Be Silent. How Can We Be Silent is filled with songs that talk about the need to rise up and be willing to take…

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Celebration Series – Change The World

Web //–> Tom and Bonnie Deuschle have spent 25 years in Africa and now serve as pastors for the 12,000 member Celebration Church in Zimbabwe. They have put out nine CDs along with 2 DVDs as part of the Celebration music series. On Change The World you’ll find a whopping 73 minutes worth of praise and worship music. The music is rich and full with choirs and a brass section in addition to the usual instruments like guitar, organ…

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Flatfoot 56 Review

Web //–> The Celtic punk band from the south side of Chicago is back with their sophomore release Jungle of the Midwest Sea. This release is filled with 14 tracks of the band’s Celtic Punk Rock brand of music. Brothers Tobin ( vocals), Justin ( drums) and Kyle ( bass) Bawinkel along with Josh Robieson (bagpipes and mandolin) make up the band. The songs found on Jungle of the Midwest Sea are filled with the Celtic sounds of the…

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Daniel Kirkley – Review

Web //–> Daniel Kirkley was going to pursue a medical career but found his heart (God) pulling him in another direction, that of music. Lucky for us he followed that lead and the result is Let Love Win Daniel’s debut release on Centricity Records. If you’ve listened to any Christian Radio recently you’ve probably already heard the first radio single from this release, “My New Dawn.” This song has quickly become a radio hit and in my opinion is…

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Group 1 Crew CD Review

Web //–> This group came together around three years ago when they meet at a Bible study group. They were all working on solo careers but decided to drop them in favor of joining forces to form Group 1 Crew. The three people that make up group are; Manwell Reyes, Blanca Reyes( not related to Manwell) and Pablo Villatoro. This self-titled project is the group’s debut release on the Fervent Records label. On this CD you’ll find 13 tracks…

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Brendan Soul – A Celtic Companion: Carol Arblaster

Web //–> Brendan Soul – A Celtic Companion – Carol Arblaster Brendan Soul – A Celtic Companion combines some of the loveliest instrumentals imaginable with moderate vocals to create a palatable project. My favorite song by far was “Skellig Michael,” which I could listen to all day. My only complaint is that it was too short. The liner notes say, “This tune breaths tranquility and hope of eternal rest.” If the entire CD captured the lyrical beauty of…

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Jason Gray – All The Lovely Losers

Web //–> Although this release on Centricity Records is Jason’s major label debut he’s no stranger to the music scene having previously released several indie type projects. On All The Lovely LosersJason mixes a modern rock edged musical style along with pop lyrics to achieve his own sound. Jason’s also got some of his music friends to help out on the project including; PFR’s Joel Hanson, Sarah Groves, Andrew Peterson, and Waterdeep’s Lori Chafer. The release starts off with…

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Kenny & Amanda Smith Band- Tell Someone

Web //–> The Kenny & Amanda Smith Band is a highly respected Bluegrass band. The group won the International Bluegrass Music Association’s ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’ Award in 2003 and band member Kenny Smith has also twice won the IBMA’s ‘Guitarist of the Year’ award. The band has been trying to make a Gospel album for ten years but things kept coming up. The band had booked studio time for March 30, 2006, when Kenny got news that…

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Christmas Projects of 2006

Web //–> Wow! The Christmas season is actually here again! It doesn’t seem like long aga I was typing out my reviews for last year’s projects! I think something happened to the US Postal Service as I received far fewer Christmas project this year – only five by Thanksgiving. I will continue reviewing projects as I get them, but for your holiday listening pleasure, this year’s noteworthy Christmas projects include:Do You See What I see? – Todd Agnew Do…

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