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Adam McInnis- Wherever You Are

Web //–> Let me start off by saying that you need to get this CD! As I listened to each of the eleven songs found on it I kept saying to myself, “I can’t believe that Wherever You Are is Adam McInnis’ full-length debut release.” The songs found on it are so well written and every part of each song falls right into place like that of a well-placed jigsaw puzzle piece. Adam comes from a unique heritage of…

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Consuming Worship- Rendezvous

Web //–> Rendezvous is the debut release from the new label, Consuming Worship. On it you’ll find 10 original songs written by worship leaders, both male and female, from across the country. The CD was inspired by the weekly small group Bible study by Frank Moore, Rendezvous: A Sacred Encounter with God. Musically Rendezvous is a mixture of several different styles with the main focus on the lyrics. “Songs and writers were chosen for the album based upon their…

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Mike Farris – Salvation in Lights

Web //–> Mike Farris has had a long time battle with addiction, having clean periods before falling back in to the trap of addiction. On Salvation in Lights (INO Records), his sophomore solo release, you get a picture of his life through each song. Salvation in Lights features a mixture of both original songs and traditional hymns. “If not for the grace of God I would surely be dead or wishing I were dead.” Farris says. “My life is…

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Christopher Ames Everyday With You Review

Web //–> Christopher Ames has won several KCCM Awards. His most recent one was presented to him at this year’s event held in April when he won for best, ‘Acoustic Rock artist of the Year.’ In 2006 Christopher was also awarded with the, ‘Spirit of Unity’ at the Momentum Awards. The award is presented to an artist recognizing them for their outstanding commitment to both community and fellowship. Christopher co-wrote the songs found on this release along with several…

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P.O.D. – When Angels & Serpents Dance Review

Web //–> While the exact date P.O.D. was formed can be argued, most agree that it was sometime in the early 1990’s. Since that time the band has gone through both a lot of good times and some moments of struggle with feuding band members, label changes, and various outside pressures. It looks like things have started to settle down for the band again though with their new release on Columbia/INO Records. After a several years absence co-founding member…

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The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Review

Web //–> I’ll Say Yes is the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s 26th album in a recording history that stretches back to 1981, with the choir itself being formed in the early 1970’s. Over that time they’ve won 6-Grammy Awards, 7-Dove Awards, and sold over 4-million albums, not to mention gaining the reputation as one of the best choirs in the world. They’ve also performed at noted venues like, Carnegie Hall, Radio Center Music Hall and a sold out Madison Square…

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Jared Anderson Review

Web //–> The new release from Jared, Where Faith Comes From, is the follow up to his 2006 debut Where To Begin. Jared has served full-time on the worship team at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado for several years. The mega church has been in the news recently for negative things like a church scandal and a tragic shooting at the church. Set against that backdrop, the songs found on Where Faith Comes From are written…

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Jeff Johnson Review

Web //–> Jeff Johnson used to work at a corporate job until he decided that he wanted something different, so in 2003 he started Jeff Johnson Ministries. He also made an appearance on the hit show American Idol in 2005. Glorious Day is Jeff’s third release, (Enter In: EP 2005, Shaken 2003). On this release Jeff uses rousing worship music to drive home the point of God’s love and grace. He also encourages the need for a deeper faith…

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Jamie Jamgochian Review

Web //–> Jamie’s new album Above the Noise is much different sounding then her last release, Reason to Live. This one has much more of a pop feel to it, while still keeping her worship song lyrics. On this release Jamie wanted to put together a collection of songs that would help the listener to strip away and remove all of the unimportant distractions that a lot of us often let into our lives that interfere with worship. Jamie…

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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – Complete Recordings

Web //–> Howard Shore’s complete Oscar�-winning score for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, from the epic film trilogy The Lord of the Rings, was released for the first time in a deluxe five-disc edition from Reprise/WMG Soundtracks on November 20, 2007. Originally set for November 6, 2007, the release date was later modified to November 20, 2007 due to the Southern California wildfires. This incredible release contains almost four hours of music on four…

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