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Atlanta band Third Day played two sold out shows Oct. 28 at First Baptist Church in Franklin. This was their first ticketed concert in the area in over 4 years. This was also the “third day” of the Third Day tour. The band is touring behind its number 1 album Offerings that features new worship songs and live versions of some of their classics, like “Consuming Fire” “I’ve always loved you” and “Sky Falls Down” from Time. The band features…

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Caedmon’s Call: Long Line of Leavers

Caedmon’s Call: Long Line of Leavers Caedman’s Call PHIL WILSON– OK. I’m biased. I really like Caedmon’s Call. Really, really like 40 Acres. So, I bought Long Line of Leavers, hoping it would match 40 Acres. Ladies and gentleman, Long Line of Leavers is better than 40 Acres. Now, I know Dad didn’t like it, but he’s old, so don’t pay attention to him. Of course, having done this for 10 years, I’m 29 now, so I’m almost old too,…

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CHRIS RICE SMELL THE COLOR 9 —–simple yet profound

CHRIS RICE SMELL THE COLOR 9 —–simple yet profound Chris Rice (center) with Rocketown executives Don Donahue, Michael W. Smith, Derek Jones, Monroe Jonesand Angie Magill Chris Rice travels Past the Edges with his new record Smell the Color 9 which releases Oct.31. The CD offers 10 new tracks that are a product of his ministry focused life. Smell the Color 9 has several poetic melodic ballads and simple, yet profound melodic songs that tell the story of Chris’s life…

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The Rock and the Rabbi

The Rock and the Rabbi A Fresh accounting of the Gospel Message. Always a good idea! With a savvy earthy music sensibility. The Rock and the Rabbi came to Christ Church on Old Hickory Blvd. The show had already played a multi-week engagement at the Rhyman this year; somehow I missed it. Evidently they’ve been asked back there for next year. People, this is a golden ministry opportunity. Do you know people who don’t know the Lord? Do you know…

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Bonnie Bramlett Two Nashville residents who are well-known R&B artists performed on the big stage at Fest de Ville Saturday night. Bonnie Bramlett and Jimmy Hall always manage to dip into gospel when delivering their brand of soulful rhythm and blues. Bonnie, of Delaney and Bonnie fame, has sung with everyone from Eric Clapton to the Allman Brothers Band. Recently she moved to Nashville and signed with Blue Hat Records, a multi-genre label owned by multi-talented Charlie Daniels and David…

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Quarter Moon Music Group Performs at the Bluebird

Five members of the Quarter Moon Music Group, a working group of seven local songwriters, performed “in the round” at the famous Bluebird Cafe in Green Hills on September 21st. It was an evening of music, variety and a few tall tales when Andy Paxton, Mark Sorrells, Ronda Businda, Crockett Frizzell, Mark McCord and Don Dendy took the stage. Each artist/songwriter took turns sharing their music, often in collaboration with one another. This group of talented artists held little back…

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Something for Everyone at Fest de Ville

Colorful booths, versatile music, tantalizing smells, good eats, and a strangely familiar setting brought a strong sensation of deja vu to Nashville. If you have lived in Nashville for more than a few years, you will remember Summer Lights, that weekend in June when Deaderick Street from Legislative Plaza to the Courthouse filled with performers, craftsmen, food, stages and more for some summer fun. Unfortunately, from its noble beginnings of being an enjoyable celebration of the arts the first year…

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Tennessee State Fair and Boomsday

State Fair Tennessee celebrated a timeless tradition as the 91st annual Tennessee State Fair took place at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Continuing one of the newer traditions at the Fair, Thursday night, September 14 brought the Christian Music Night to the Fairgrounds as LaRue, Big Tent Revival and Rebecca St. James packed the raceway stands (dubbed the “Waste Management Stage” for the event). The warm but comfortable evening and the activities surrounding the stage presented a pleasant and exciting atmosphere…

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Roaring Lambs – various artists

You’ve gotta love Steve Taylor. Irrevent, hysterical, witty, theological, brave. He’s seems to be more clear headed about many part of the Christian walk than some preachers I’ve heard. He also recognizes that the most important part of Christianity is not what happens inside the doors of the church but outside them, and to that end he provides, “Roaring Lambs.” This project, based on the book of the same name by Bob Briner and organized by Taylor, really focuses its…

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Smith, Knapp, Rice Bring Down the House

What a night! All things good and powerful with beauty and majesty appropriate to the truth. Michael W. Smith was the cover artist last month and we were reminded why Saturday night; he is a sweet humble-spirited artist who has endured many eras with intensity and gravity. Fourteen albums of singing, the next project is instrumental with the Irish film orchestra. “Freedom” is the working title and the title track we were treated with to whet our appetites. Not surprisingly,…

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