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We recently had the “NZ Idol” competitions here on TV. (like American Idol). The winner was a young man we know through the church we are connected with, and he is a full-on Christian. This godly young man has a real perspective on the Kingdom and the platform God has opened up for him to be a positive and Godly role model for his young generation.
Ben Lummis is his name.
He managed to turn his winning single into a worship song. When he won, it was obvious that he wasnt singing to the audience; it was pure worship and thanks to God. His single has gone double platinum here, and he is presently putting together his album/CD.
God has positioned him within the music industry, and already some awesome testimonies of his influence of a godly lifestyle are changing lives here in NZ.
His hit single is “They Can’t Take That Away.” Visit his website for further info at Ben Lummis.
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