Mt. Airy’s Antique Coca Cola Sign



Mt. Airy, North Carolina, has a wonderful antique Coca Cola sign on the side of a building on Main Street. The sign is clearly visible from the street and is the largest of its kind that I have personally run across.

The sign features the slogans “Delicious and Refreshing” across the top, and “Relieves Fatigue” on the left-hand side. It also features the price prominantly “5ยข” on the lower right-hand corner.
“Ghost” signs as they are called out West, are very popular tourist attractions on Route 66. Moreover, they are popular sites in other cities as well.
There is a Yahoo Group set up to discuss the sign in hopes of generating enough interest to get the old sign restored some day at Mt. Airy’s Antique Coca Cola Sign.
“I really love this idea! I like the idea that you are already promoting the
antique Coca Cola sign on Main Street in Mount Airy,” says Jessica M. Icenhour, Director of Tourism Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce. “It really is an authentic tourist attraction, and I would love to put it on my website at
Photos of restored Coca Cola signs from other areas of the country as well as photos of Mt. Airy’s ghost sign are posted in the Photos section at Mt. Airy’s Antique Coca Cola Sign.
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