Mothers Provide Best Care says New Study

As new study by leading British childcare expert, Penelope Leach concludes that the social and emotional development of children cared for by someone other than their mother “is definitely less good.” This study is one of the longest and most detailed studies of childcare in the UK and it has concluded that young children who are looked after by their mothers do significantly better on development tests. The study found that babies and toddlers fared worst when they were given group nursery care. Those cared for by friends or grandparents or other relatives did a little better while those looked after by nannies or childminders were rated second only to those cared for by mothers.
Morningstar Educational Network sponsor of a national outreach ministry for Christian parents is pleased that this new study has made news headlines. It confirms Morningstar’s research that the best environment in which a Christian parent can develop a loving and respectful relationship with their children, inspire their children intellectually, socially and spiritually is to provide them with a Christian worldview home education. Parents with babies and toddlers should begin homeschooling rather than sending them off to daycares, preschools or to be raised by someone else. Through Morningstar’s websites, mentors, chapters and affiliated groups, Christian families have an opportunity to learn about the academic, social, and spiritual rewards of starting homeschooling early in their child’s life.
Research has shown that the outcomes are undesirable when children spend too much time in day care. Unfortunately, as Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, senior fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute reports, the negative findings of the comprehensive [daycare] studies are buried in the small print while the headlines trumpet messages that make parents feel OK about putting their children in full-time day care.” In another study prepared by the, “Southwest Policy Institute concluded, “Contrary to common belief, early institutional schooling can harm children emotionally, intellectually and socially.”
“Studies like this have continually concluded that children are better off when raised by their mothers,” states Denise Kanter. Gary and Denise Kanter have homeschooled their children from early childhood and lead this ministry of Morningstar Educational Network. Supporter of homeschooling and the Kanter’s efforts, Dr. Tim LaHaye said this, “We are losing our churched children to the world as a result of humanistic education. I recommend that you contact their ministry for more information.”
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