Mother’s Day Poetry

~ Poems written in honor of Mother’s Day ~ 

The Homemaker

She works around the clock it seems
Washing clothes and cleaning things.
At times content, at times despairing,
But always there and always caring.
Taking on the daily tasks,
Responding to the voice that asks,
“Mom, have you….” you know the rest.
But do you know how mothers bless?
Mothers run a home, that’s true.
But there’s much more to what they do.
Beyond the making of a house
They make a life, they raise a spouse.
They raise up doctors, raise up teachers.
They raise managers and preachers.
They raise architects, and builders,
Soldiers, presidents, center fielders.
Every daughter, every son;
The homemaker touched every one.
Whether right or sometimes wrong,
She’s like the notes within a song.
Ephesians 6:2 “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise—

Mother’s Love

Mother, dear mother
What love you unfurled!
You sacrificed “self”
And gave me the world.
Forever indebted,
Eternally grateful.
Praising my God
For a mother so faithful.
Mother, dear mother
There’s so much to say.
Thanks to be given
And love to convey.
When you pass into glory,
He’ll come into view
With treasures unmeasured
And gifts just for you.
Mother, dear mother
I remember when…
I asked God to make you
A crown full of gems.
For only a crown
With the best heaven owns,
Can begin to repay
All the love you have shown.
John 15:12 “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.
Mother’s Podium
Through all the years I raised them up, I failed to take the time;
to realize the role He gave, and this privilege of mine.
While God ordains the lives conceived and numbers out their days,
He gives to mothers something else, a place to stand amazed.
It is a podium of honor, set aside for Christian mothers
where each shall be exalted, unlike fathers, sisters, brothers.
A place appointed with a view of heaven’s pearly gate,
reserved for loving mothers, who for sons and daughters waits.
A place where all the sacrifice and pains are put to ease;
a place where all the buried dreams are lost amidst the gleam.
Bathed in Heaven’s radiance, we lay our burdens down
to find our Lord has given each a mansion and a crown.
The privilege is ours, to have raised these children up.
The glory of this Podium, shall overflow each cup.
Know without a doubt, that heaven knows your pains,
and realize as well, you can’t yet comprehend the gains.

The Womb and Heart

A mother’s womb and heart,
Are in many ways related.
Both are works of sacred art
And both, His hand created.
The womb, where God so wonderfully
Knits each life together.
The heart, where mothers faithfully
Sow love that lasts forever.
The womb: surrounds divinity
Where three, in one abide.
The heart, as well a trinity
Where all of God resides.
The womb, is for just months a year
To mature the life inside.
The heart, where God is also near
Forever will abide.
The womb, where every life is born:
The physical, is new.
The heart is where another’s formed:
The spirit life in you.
The womb, is where all life begins
How great the role of mothers!
The heart, is where He conquers sin,
And is glorified in others!

From our archives, May 11, 2011

The name of the author was lost when we moved to a new server  if you know the name of the poet, please let us know

Art by Kathryn Darden for Christian Activities

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