Mothers Are Special

~Mothers Are Special: a poem for Mother’s Day ~

Mothers have a special spot in a son or daughters heart.
This special place is like a secret vault; no thief can find, or tear apart,
Only love and beautiful memories are allowed in this special place, the memories of all the hugs and kisses, and their loving mothers face.
When God created woman, birth was intended to be severe, to create a bond between mother and child, that remains down through the years.
In God’s infinite wisdom, along with this special bond, He added a special love, taken from His very own, which nothing is as strong.
Each day in a child’s life, this special place begins to grow, as their mother sows the seeds of love and knowledge, where all those beautiful memories go.
As the children grow into adulthood, they experience a different kind of love; it’s not the type that I’m describing; only a mother is capable of.
Fathers are also so important, and a special love is also there, but it doesn’t have that sacred bond that a mother and child share.

When a little one gets sick or hurt, or feeling awfully bad, the hugs and kisses don’t feel as good, or have the same effect, when they’re coming from their dad.
That special love is always there and remains throughout your life, well past the time the child leaves home, and takes a husband or a wife.
I know this to be true, I’m getting on in years, and my hair is turning gray, I still have that special spot in my heart for mom, and she has long since passed away.

From our archives May 1, 2011

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