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Free Online Money Games for Kids

From very easy games like the Cash Back change counting came to more advanced games, this site offers a variety of colorful, fun business sim games in a manner that makes it easy for kids to get the games quickly with easy tutorials. While the site primarily focuses on money and finance, they have many game categories and dozens of games available on the website.

Categories of Free Money Games

Some of their categories of free money games online include:

I spent much more time than I mean to on the Lego city-building game where kids (and the young at heart) can build a city with rural areas and more, digging for bricks, gathering income and placing buildings. In  LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect players build a LEGO city using tax revenues from the building they place while budgeting for the needed bricks. I enjoyed it so much I will probably return to it from time to time when I need to unwind.

I also tried my hand with the Idle Money Tree learning if money really grows on trees, trying to grab bags of money before they disappeared while watching my gold go towards various needs.

The games are often designed to teach a skill, from counting change, to watching where money goes, to setting a budget and even learning basics of coding. While they don’t carry any online Bible games, and they don’t have any plans to add Bible games, the website is kid-friendly and will provide entertainment and learning online for kids.

Check out for all their free online money games for youngsters.

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