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Christian Activities has examined the history of Christian video games and looked at sites that offer free Christian games online, but there are other sites that have fun online games to offer that are family friendly, even if not truly Christian games. One of those sites is

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Here you can find card games, logic puzzles, hidden object games, word games and card games including Mahjong and, you guessed it, Solitaire.

One of the things I liked best about this site is its exhaustive information on the game of Solitaire. From the history of the game, to in-depth instruction on how to play Solitaire, to a long list of different versions of the game, this site has everything you need to play any version of Solitaire that you can think of.

Other Free Games

As someone who enjoys word games, I went straight to them. The layout looked great and I immediately spotted some words in the puzzle, but I had trouble selecting the words in a way the game would count. At the end of the allotted time, after mousing over many words and also trying to type them out, my score was zero.

Letter Scramble Game

However, I had much better luck with Letter Scramble. This fun Scrabble-styled online game has letters spilling out into a pile. Your challenge is to make 20 words out of them before the time runs out and before the new letters start covering the old ones up.

Warning: the Letter Scramble game is addictive!

Cookie Monster Game

Next I tried Cookie Monster which is based on Pac Man. I had more luck with this game and it was a really fun game. However, I still had some small issues making my Cookie Monster turn around corners, so I only scored moderately well on this game. However, the fun I had reliving my Pac Man days was worth it.

I will admit my computer has issues with other games. It isn’t very new, and it isn’t very fast, so I am sure with a better computer, my results would have been better.

If you enjoy card games, especially every version imaginable of Solitaire, check out Be sure to take a look at all the other free online games they offer while you are there!

Bingo Cash

If the assortment of free games on aren’t enough, check out the free BINGO Cash app for free game fun. They will try to sell you upgrades and tokens, but if you are patient enough to site through a few videos each day, you can play daily for free by earning tokens. Here’s $1 for FREE to register and get started.

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