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The Easter season is  a special time for believers in Jesus Christ as we celebrate his resurrection from the dead. Following are some Easter poems that remember and honor Christ’s victory over the grave.

Easter Poems

Thrice, Upon the Lamb

“For He made Him, who knew no sin”,
to be sin for our sake.
The Lamb of God though sinless,
bore three cruel iron stakes.
The first stake pierced His blessed hand
once crippled, now complete.
The Lamb of God laid down His life,
and thus, made love replete.
The second nail went through the left,
though pinioned, never feeble.
He ever reaches, yearns to save
a world of hurting people.
Though “beautiful the feet of Him”
who brought good news to man,
they bore the final, wrenching stake
that crucified the Lamb.
Crucified, He died to plead
with hands and feet defiled:
“My blood, my very life I gave,
that you, be reconciled.”

Thomas Valles
Genesee, ID

An Easter Blessing
Our dear Heavenly Father, You died, so that we may live; You gave the world love and guidance, than Your life, which was all that You had left to give.
All of man�s sins of the past, present and future were placed on you that day, and my sins, along with those of the whole world, were for ever washed away.
As You hung on the cross, through all Your suffering and pain, bearing all of man�s sins, as You died; Your Father could not look at You, and turned away in shame.
Why Your love for us is so great, we will never know, until we meet with You on that glorious day in Heaven, and You can tell us so,
As mortals, we have no understanding of Your awesome, unending love, only through the examples you taught while You were here on earth, which the Holy Scriptures teaches of.
If we only pay attention, You continue to display Your love for us today, we can see it all around us, through the blessings we receive, as we go along our way.
We love You Almighty God our Father, and Your precious Son Jesus Christ, You not only love and care for us, but have given us eternal life.

Wayne Irwin
Montrose, CO

Silent Lessons
A Teacher of all teachers,
yet answered nothing in reply
as a crown of thorns He bore
and tears of love fell from His eyes.
The Lamb of God suspended
giving all He had to give.
He taught us utter sacrifice
and how we ought to live.

Tom Valles
Moscow, ID

E ach year brings
A nother vernal equinox
S etting the stage for
T he eventful moon,
E nriched in fullness,
R ising to herald a
S pecial calendar Day
U nprecedented in scope.
N umerous good folk
D evote themselves to
A doration and gratitude, for
Y esterday’s gone. Hope is here.

Jane Hutto
Pensacola, FL

Easter Poem
Jesus prayed inside a garden where the roses were in bloom…
His heart was slowly breaking and His life was ending soon.
He wanted His disciples to understand His Father’s plan,
but they were narrow in their thinking and they could not understand.
Jesus cried out to His Father in the garden late at night…
& in the course of several hours, the world would know His plight.
When Jesus left the garden, He was nailed upon a cross,
and there He suffered terribly, for us, He paid the cost.
But God, in all His glory, would give us hope again…
His Son ascended from the grave to shine His light on man.
Now when I’m in my garden, as Jesus was that day…
I sit among the roses and I bow my head to pray;
“Thank You precious Jesus, for what You have done for me…
You prayed inside a garden, then you died to set me free.”

Jill Lemming
Vandalia, Ohio

It’s not about bunnies
or eggs with a prize.
But it’s all about Jesus
and how He did arise!
It’s not about food
or fancy clothes.
But it’s all about Jesus
and how He arose!
It’s a very special time
and a momentous day.
It’s about a Risen Savior
and a stone rolled away.
It’s about an empty tomb
and the body that was gone.
It’s about Jesus the Messiah,
who now sits on God’s throne!
It’s about a living Savior
that arose from the grave!
Who is coming back as King;
this is a promise He gave!
Matthew 26:6 and Mark 16:6 say:
He is Risen!

Kathy Gandy
Russellville, AL

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