Modern Day Miracles Lead the Way in Good, Clean Entertainment for Children



Walking, talking miracles, Brian and Shawn Chrisagis’ Good News Gang Variety Series is currently running on KTV, the largest Christian children’s network in the world, and sixteen of their popular Good News Gang characters have been manufactured as plush toys, each with a character-building story and song CD.
The identical twins, now in their thirties, miraculously healed from life-threatening allergies when they were seven years old. Today, Brian and Shawn, both licensed ministers and founders of the Chrisagis Brothers Ministries and the popular Good News Gang children’s ministry, share their powerful testimony and minister fulltime to all ages at churches, conferences, seminars, and on TV worldwide.

The brothers wrote the critically-acclaimed Good News Gang Variety Series for Sky-Angel Network. Their first series on the network, The Good News Network, which they wrote, directed and hosted for three years, won two educational awards. “The Chrisagis Brothers are leading the way in good, clean entertainment for the entire family,” says Kathleen Johnson, Vice President of Programming at Sky-Angel Network.

The Good News Gang are humorous, loveable characters, who live in the Good News Kingdom. Everyday in the Kingdom involves issues such as honesty, giving, self-esteem, and love. Each of the Good News Toys come with a different story teaching one of these character-building skills. The most popular of the gang, Whoozee-Whatzit, teaches self-worth. “Whether you have dark or light hair, have dark or light skin, or are tall or short, Whoozee teaches that each and every one of us is special.” says Brian.
Brian and Shawn will release two new toylines, The Smokey Mountain Pals and The Rockhounds, in 2007. Each of these toys will contain voice-box recordings of fun facts and value teachings. Their children’s book, The Mad-Cap Kingdom, which consists of seventeen stories teaching character-building skills with the brothers’ Good News Gang characters, also releasing in 2007.
The Chrisagis brothers were born with life- threatening allergies to the sun, grass, most food, and some clothing. They spent the first two years of their life in an incubator, when they were brought home the windows of their house had to be bricked in to protect them from the sun. The only food they could eat was soybeans, milk, sardines, rice cakes, and peanut butter.
When the boys were seven years old, their mother, Marguerite, who was in a wheelchair and on oxygen as a result of a serious heart condition caused by rheumatic fever, was healed at a Full Gospel Businessmen’s meeting. On instruction from the preacher, when she got home she prayed for her sons who too were immediately healed. The doctor who confirmed the brothers were completely healed and that their mother had a “new heart”, became a born-again believer marking the beginning of the twin’s powerful ministry.
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