Mixed Up Manger Scene




As I contemplate taking our Christmas decorations down for another year, I decide to give our manger scene one last look. On my coffee table in my living room, it sits. I could buy a new one, with gold highlights and dazzling features, but I just don’t want one. My parents gave this well- loved creche to my husband and me when we first married and I was thrilled when they gave it to us, because it was something treasured out of my childhood. It has stood the test of time and each Christmas, when I bring it out, it still gives me the same sense of awe as it always did.
The creche itself has remained intact, but all the pieces that go with it are mismatched or somewhat broken. The wise men are chipped, their colors faded and they are disproportionate to the Holy Family The angels are plastic and have trouble standing up Yet the animals gaze devotedly at the little Savior with a contemplation that is very quieting to my soul. This Christmas, our son added a new dimension to the scene as he added a small toy and some Lego characters, because he says, “Everyone is worshipping the Baby.”
None of the pieces match, except for the parents and the Baby, so it is quite a sight. Yet, in all the chaos and brokenness of this assortment, Christ is in the center and everything is focused on Him. Everyone’s attention is on Him, our Best Gift. As I look at this scene, I am reminded that as we come to Him with all our jagged edges and misshapen lives, our gaze should only rest on Him. He is the center of everything. This New Year, “O, come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!”
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