Mikhaila Peterson Talks Jordon Peterson and Her Mother’s Faith

~ Mikhaila Peterson talks about her father, Jordan Peterson, and how her mother’s faith has impacted the respected psychologist ~

Renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson’s daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, recently found God, but she is not the only members of the Peterson family to come to Christ. She recently appeared on ”The Big Conversation” to discuss how her family’s faith was impacting her father.

When asked how having two members of his family turning to Christianity affected Jordan Peterson, Mikhaila said she though her mother’s conversion had a big impact on him

“I think the change he saw in my mom really impacted him, because her personality changed quite a bit. She got a lot more patient. It’s not like she wasn’t patient before, but the change was dramatic.”

Mikhaila stated that at first the family felt like Mrs. Peterson had joined a cult because she was meeting with people which ”seemed kind of culty.” But she went on to say that Christians seem a lot happier and a lot nicer.

“So I think the transformation he has seen in my mom has impacted him, and so he prays before he eats and I think he prays (at other times).”

Mikhaila believes that the concept of Christianity is hard for “the type of brain” Peterson has. ”He is so verbally fluent that he can think, like, circles around himself, so I think it’s hard for him to wrap his mind around the concept of God, because part of it is unexplainable, and I don’t think he likes that.”

She shared that she thinks her newfound faith along with her mother’s has impacted Jordan Peterson positively and that he is more likely to believe, but concluded by saying, ”I’m not entirely sure where he is right now.”

In a video on her own YouTube channel Mikhaila Peterson revealed that certain coincidences and life events helped lead her to Christ. She sees something similar possibly happening with Jordan Peterson. ”My dad’s very interested in coincidences and since 2016 the number of coincidences in his life that he has told me about are astronomical.”

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