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Mike Farris has had a long time battle with addiction, having clean periods before falling back in to the trap of addiction. On Salvation in Lights (INO Records), his sophomore solo release, you get a picture of his life through each song. Salvation in Lights features a mixture of both original songs and traditional hymns.

“If not for the grace of God I would surely be dead or wishing I were dead.” Farris says. “My life is a testament that God has an unique and special place for everyone. God will use people no matter how tattered and torn. Just surrender to His love and trust in His grace.”
You won’t find a more honest and powerful release then Salvation in Lights. Mike has seen both sides of the street and gives you a real look at what lies ahead depending on what path of life you decide to take.
Sometimes you have to hit bottom before you can really experience the highs of life and thankfully for us Mike Farris has done just that and set it to music. Farris blends, rock, blues, soul, R&B, and a New Orleans sound backed with a full horn section that lights up each song.
Farris has really surrounded himself with some great musicians. The horn section wails in the songs and will bring a big smile to your face as you get out you air horns to play along. Also the backing singers are just delightful and jump in and out of the songs at just the right moments.

When asked about his music’s style Farris said, “We’ve taken the music of the long Deep South, dug it out of America’s collective attic and brought it back to life for everyone to enjoy.”
Salvation in Lights really hit on all cylinders for me. It was hard to find any fault with it. I could have listened for hours to this music, it’s that good.
Some releases are good and then there are those few that are great, Mike Farris’ Salvation in Lights definitely falls in to the great music column.
Mike Farris Website- http://www.mikefarrismusic.net

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