Merry Christmas (The Greatest Birthday Ever)



Two Thousand six years ago, this December 25th, God gave the world His only Son.
To a little town known as Bethlehem, the one who would save the world had come.
A glorious occasion for the world, the coming of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
Our Holy Father, Creator of all, has blessed mankind with His most precious favor.
God gave into the world His only Son, to be sacrificed for all of mankinds sins.
He would teach all who would follow, to His Father�s Kingdom, a way to win.
He taught that the only way to His Father, was through Jesus Christ, the only way.
there is no other way we will ever see Almighty God come judgment day.
Jesus walked the earth, for over thirty years, preparing us for all eternity,
laying down His Father�s will, through His teachings, for us to follow, don�t you see?
To save the world, God had to love us very much, to sacrifice His only Son,
He knew the night that Christ was born, of His fate that was to come.
I have one son, my love for him is great, but not as great as God�s was for Christ,
I could have never watched him tortured and killed; I wouldn�t have been so nice.
Our ways are only mortal, they are not the ways of God, don’t you see?
During Christmas Season this Year, just remember what God did for you and me!!!
Poems by Wayne Irwin.
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