Men & Women Are Different: The Problems with Transitioning

~ The Problems with Transitioning is Part 2 of a series on the “transgender” ideology. ~

Men & Women Are Different

As discussed in Men & Women Are Different & This Cannot Be Changed, there are many differences between men and women that go down to the cellular level and into the DNA. Being born a female is not an accident and cannot be changed. Being born a male is also NOT an accident and cannot be changed.

Sex Is Not Assigned at Birth

Sex isn’t “assigned” at birth. It is observed and documented by medical professionals. Changing the wording on a drivers license or document does not change your sex. We remain the sex we were born until we die, and after this, our skeletons still reveal the sex of our birth.

But what about people who believe in the gender fairy and who want to change from a man to a woman? It cannot be done.

Men Retain Aggression, Other Masculine Traits Following Hormones & Surgery

Men can wear women’s clothes; they can wear makeup; they can inject female hormones to try to feminize themselves; they can even surgically alter their bodies. They remain men, nonetheless, usually bigger, taller and with more muscle mass and more masculine features than women. In addition they cannot conceive, carry an embryo or give birth. In fact they remain men to such a degree that even after hormones and surgery, they are still EIGHTEEN TIMES more likely to commit violent crimes than real women.

Male violence following wrong-sex hormones and sex-change surgery

Women Need Private Spaces without Men in Dresses

This is one of the reasons women do not want men in dresses in their bathrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms and even in their sports. Men remain taller, stronger, with broader shoulders, longer arms and legs, larger craniums hands and feet, and with more muscle mass, even when they name themselves Sally and wear an anime girl outfit. They remain more aggressive than real women, because they are still men. They are still a potential threat to women, especially the men who WANT to invade women’s spaces and sports. In fact, details have recently come to light about a trans identifying male who killed his trans identifying female partner in Norway.

Women Receive Threats of Violence from “Trans” Males

I cannot post any example here, because they are too violent and vulgar, but examples of the violent imagery with which these “trans” males threaten women who disagree with them can be seen at It is vile content, lots and lots of foul, vile content. Also, Mary Cate Delvey frequently documents statements made by “trans” people on her X account. Many are horrifically vulgar, so caution is advised.

Transitioning does not make men calmer or less aggressive. If anything, it makes some of them more unhinged, threatening women with rape, torture and death. Author’s note: I have personally received death threats on social media from a man who wanted to force me to affirm him as a woman.

What Does “Transitioning” Do?

What does transitioning do? There are not enough studies to conclusively tell us, but what we do know is that while the threat of suicide is used to manipulate people into accepting “transition,” the number of people who are seriously considering suicide after using hormones and surgery is much higher than anyone wants to talk about.

The transition process is horrific. Even taking sex-change hormones comes at a price, but for those who choose sex-change surgery, the price is the painful mutilation of their bodies and genitals, sometimes resulting in wounds that won’t heal, causing a slow and agonizing death in extreme cases.

Others come to understand that they were led down the path to transition when they were dealing with mental issues or temporary insecurities. Some discover too late that even surgery won’t change them into the opposite sex. Furthermore, they discover the results are permanent. They are infertile and have lost body parts they will never recover.

What is Detransitioning?

Numerous older transitioners are now going through the painful and heartbreaking process of detransition and discovering they cannot undo the changes to their bodies, voices, and reproductive organs. High rates of suicidal thoughts and depression occur in these people who learn that the medical, mental health and insurance services that are so readily available to those wanting to transition have NOT been made available to those wishing to undo the damage. While those promoting trans ideology try to say there are only a very few detransitioners, they are a growing group, substantial in size, garnering more and more attention on social media.

Here are a few who have left the “trans” culture whose stories are worth reading.

Warning: some of their content can be very off-color because it deals directly with trans ideology and culture.

What About Puberty Blockers for Children?

The process of injecting puberty blockers into children has not been studied enough according to findings from the Cass Review, published in April of this year, stating, “The reality is that we have no good evidence on the long-term outcomes of interventions to manage gender-related distress.”

Even the leftist and trans-friendly contributors at Wikipedia acknowledge that “Little is known about the long-term side effects of hormone or puberty blockers on children…”

Others warn that children and young teens are still developing their sense of identity and sexuality and that blockers might interfere with the formation of their changing and maturing sexual identity.

Who Is the Big Winner in Transitioning?

The medical establishment and Big Pharma are getting a huge influx of money thanks to a system that fast tracks susceptible people with autism, fetishes, Autogynophilia and other mental health issues into multiple surgeries and a lifetime on hormones, along with the resulting health issues this will cause.

We remain the sex we were born, no matter what barbaric attempts we make to change our sex. We can change our names, our clothes, and our behaviors. We can change our documents. We can artificially have sex-change hormones injected into our bodies. We can surgically mutilate our genitals into what they were never meant to be. We can do all of that and make the medical establishment and Big Pharma even richer than before, but we CANNOT CHANGE OUR SEX.

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