Memorial Day, a Poem

A Poem Honoring Our Dead Soldiers for Memorial Day by a Veteran

Today, a mother laid a lily on a young soldier’s grave,
for his country, this young man gave it all, so gallant and so brave.
This brave young soldier went off to war, now he no longer lives,
for the love of God and country, he gave all that he could give.
I served my country long ago; in years I gave it ten,
if I were a young man now, I would gladly do it all again.
All I have to do is look deep into the eyes of the ones I love today,
I would fight to my last drop of life, to protect them, come what may.
Soldiers have fought and died for the U.S.A. since Washington,
and will continue to struggle to keep our country free for years to come.
In the process of that struggle to keep our nation free,
many a brave soles will fall, protecting the likes of you and me.
The way I see it, if you love your country, it’s worth fighting for,
that’s why young soldiers risk their lives and have to go to war.
The idea isn’t new, but as they say “Freedom Isn’t Free,”
to continue to live as free Americans, with young lives we pay the fee.

Poem by Wayne Irwin from our archives May 24, 2012

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