Memorial Day Tribute: TBN Hosts ‘The League of Grateful Sons’

This Memorial Day, the Trinity Broadcasting Network will host the world television premiere of The League of Grateful Sons, a new WWII documentary chronicling the journey that sons and grandsons took to the black sands of Iwo Jima in honor of their fathers who fought there in 1945. The film will air on TBN at 7pm PST on Monday, May 29. In addition to the TBN broadcast, The League of Grateful Sons will be screened in communities across America on Memorial Day weekend as part of a campaign to remember the sacrifice of the WWII generation.
“We desire to honor the faith of our WWII fathers before they pass away,” remarked Doug Phillips, executive producer of The League of Grateful Sons. “This message is at the heart of our film, and we are pleased that TBN has embraced this vision and agreed to premiere the documentary to their audience this Memorial Day.”
On March 12, 2005, Phillips journeyed with his two eldest sons to Iwo Jima for the sixtieth anniversary of the battle. With him came warriors who fought on the island, joined by their sons and grandsons. Other sons came whose fathers never left the volcanic ash during the bloody conflict with the Japanese in 1945. The League of Grateful Sons, a powerful new documentary, tells the stories of these men.
“More than a thousand WWII vets die every day, and soon they will be gone,” observed Phillips, “We have little time left to say ‘thank you.’ Our passion is to honor these men and to encourage our generation to ask their fathers of the providences of God in their lives, in keeping with the Fifth Commandment, ‘Honor your father and mother.’ This message is the central theme of our documentary, The League of Grateful Sons.”
“We pray that God will work in hearts wherever this film is shown this Memorial Day Weekend, whether that be on TBN or in a local church or a VFW hall,” concluded Phillips. “We pray that the old warriors will find hope in knowing that their stories will not die with them — that the younger generation will strive to carry on their legacy.”
Visit for a listing of confirmed screenings of The League of Grateful Sons this Memorial Day Weekend.


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