Meet Me in the Meadow: Finding God in the Wildflowers

Celebrated author and speaker Deborah Hedstrom-Page recently signed a publishing agreement with Fleming H. Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, and will release her next book, Meet Me in the Meadow: Finding God in the Wildflowers March 1. The thirteenth book from this author, Meet Me in the Meadow is an inspirational offering featuring practical and meditative reflections based on the attributes of thirty-six American wildflowers and their likeness to God.
The concept of Meet Me in the Meadow: Finding God in the Wildflowersstarted out as a collection of poems about wildflowers. The idea to add history and interesting facts about each flower, along with sidebars of practical uses for the flowers, resulted in a contemplative, reflective yet practical book.
“I loved the idea of this book,” says Jeanette Thomason, acquisitions editor for Revell. “The writing wasn’t pretentious and flowery but rather simple, straightforward, and honest.” Thomason continues, “The book kept growing into something special. Deborah is a lover of the wildflowers and has quite a story herself of how time spent with them, walking through fields and forest, helped her heal from grief and simply the routine of life as a young widow raising four children on her own for fifteen years after unexpectedly losing her husband to cancer.”
Hedstrom-Page explains in her book, “As I learned about the flowers, my new knowledge began slipping into my times with God. I’d be reading about him and suddenly remember the tiny blue forget-me-nots along the river where we’d camped the previous summer. Or I’d be registering the switch from beauty to ashes in Isaiah and suddenly picture the thousands of fireweed spires I’d seen transform a roadside burn into a field of bright pink. And when I read of lilies out-dressing even Solomon, I knew exactly what Christ meant.”
Meet Me in the Meadow was created out of the wisdom and insight gleaned from years of attentive reflection on the sprays of flowers that border vacant lots, grow in lush country, and line mountain roadsides. The purpose of this devotional book is to help readers experience God’s infinite creativity, love, and mercy and to deepen their roots of faith though short and powerful meditative reflections followed by examples of practical applications for the thirty-six featured wildflowers.
Hedstrom-Page notes, “Most wildflower books concentrate on the gardening and/or botanical aspects of flowers. This book looks at each flower’s history—how pioneers, Native Americans, and our ancestors throughout the world used them. This research provides the basis for each meditative reflection.”
Furthermore, illustrator Kevin Ingram depicts each flower with a detailed drawing. His true-to-life botanical art is based on firsthand discovery of these flowers, which he purposefully sought out, traveling across the country, in order to accurately portray these sometimes rare or difficult to find wildflowers.
In addition to Meet Me in the Meadow, Hedstrom-Page is the author of twelve books, including the nationally recognized educational history series My American Journey (Broadman & Holman Publishers) that will be re-released next year. She continues to lead writing workshops, speaks to numerous women’s ministries, such as MOPS, and serves as writer-in-residence at Western Baptist College in Salem, Oregon, where she was a professor of English and Journalism for several years.
Hedstrom-Page has also written more than 200 articles appearing in publications including Guideposts/Guideposts for Kids, Living with Teenagers, Moody, New Man, Woman’s Touch, Catholic Parent, Country Woman, Fly Fishing, and others. As a featured writer for Home Life Magazine, Hedstrom-Page addressed 300,000 readers each month in her popular single-parenting column.
After remarrying and becoming the wife of a Baptist Pastor three years ago, Hedstrom-Page now resides with her husband in Springfield, Oregon. Their family consists of nine adult children ages 19 to 31 years old and four grandchildren. Additional information on Deborah Hedstrom-Page and Meet Me in the Meadow (0-8007-5946-X, $11.99, paper) can be found at


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