Medical Teams Intl Founder’s Book an Amazon Best-Seller

~ Medical Teams Intl founder Ron Post’s book becomes Amazon best-seller ~

The new memoir from Medical Teams International founder Ron Post has reached #1 in the Christian Missions category on Amazon just days after its release. In his book, “Unchained: A Man’s Journey from Abuse to Healing to Saving Lives,” Post describes many of his journeys to countries facing massive human displacement, starvation, illness, war, and natural disasters.  

From the Killing Fields of Cambodia to the over-run orphanages in Romania to the genocide in Rwanda, Post and Medical Teams International provided medical aid and spiritual comfort to people in the midst of crisis. They were there in the aftermath of the South Asia tsunami in 2004, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, and are currently helping people in war-torn Ukraine. In 2020 alone, Medical Teams International served 2.8 million people in twelve countries, sending out 1207 volunteers. But Post says he was just being obedient to the call on his life.Post writes: “How would I, a mere businessman, have recruited a team, gathered supplies, raised funds, and found other volunteers within two weeks? God’s plan unfolded because of those who heard and responded to God’s voice in them. The key word in Philippians 4:13 is through. We can do everything through Christ. That truth would see me through 42 years of mission service to those in need.” 

In addition to assisting people in impoverished nations, Medical Teams International also assists the poor in the United States with dental care. The organization has thirteen mobile dental units that offer free dental care to anyone who cannot afford it, serving over 19,000 people each year. Additionally, Medical Teams runs the largest distribution center on the West Coast, sending $27 million dollars’ worth of medicines, medical supplies, and food to over 1 million people in 2020 alone. 

For his efforts over the years, Post received the National Jefferson Award for being a changemaker and was named one of “America’s Unsung Heroes” by Newsweek magazine. He was featured on “Good Morning America” and received the World Service Medal from Kiwanis International, among other honors. Post says while the accolades are nice, they do not compare to the experiences of helping others.”This book is probably my last public ministry,” says Post. “I hope that readers are inspired to walk out God’s calling on their own lives. There really is no age limit to serving God. The Apostle Paul said he was fighting the good fight in order to finish his life strong, and he did that until the Lord took him home. God has called us and created us to do good works. It doesn’t matter what age you are. I’ve seen people who have retired from lifelong careers who later find meaning and purpose through a volunteer job. Helping people is one of the greatest ways to achieve meaning and purpose in your life.”

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