All Creatures Great and Small

“It’s just like ‘Opie the Birdman’!” my wife blurted out as we both stared at the sad little creature in the pet carrier. And I would have to agree. I had unintentionally played out my favorite episode of The Andy Griffith Show in real time. Rewind six weeks. I was in the attic to determine how the squirrels had worked their way in. For the past few days we could hear something in the attic, and with all the trees…

September Birthdays

Web //–> 3- Mary Grace Canfield – Mary Grace Gossage 1926 4- Howard Morris – Ernest T. Bass 1919 – 2005 13- Reta Shaw – Big Maude Tyler/ etc. 1912 – 1982 26- Joyce Jameson – Skippy 1932 – 1987 Live in Tennessee? Love “The Andy Griffith Show?” Click to subscribe to TennesseeTAGS Swag out with Christian Activities Merchandise!

August Birthdays

Web //–> Norm Alden/Tom Strongbow 8/13/1924 Carl Reid – Benton The Governor 8/14/1893 – 3/15/1973 Jonathan Hole – Orvill Monroe 8/14/1904 – 2/11/1998 Jesse Pearson – Keevy Hazelton 8/18/1930 – 12/05/1979 Karl Lucas – Seageant at table 8/21/1919 – 1/16/1995 Tom Tully – Walt Simpson 8/21/1908 – 4/27/1982 Jay Novello – Sheldon Davis/ etc. 8/22/1904 – 9/02/1982 Tinti Gabriele Mario Vicente 8/22/19320 – 11/12/1991 Barbara Eden – Ellen Brown 8/23/1934 Bobby Diamond – Evan Hendricks 8/23/1943 Hal Smith –…

Now That Barney’s Gone

Web //–> Second cousin, or maybe third, I never was quite sure. My high school pal and long-time friend, For such friendships endure. Then he became my deputy So I could watch his back. He had a knack for accidents And trouble, that’s a fact. Folks say he needed me, But I think they are wrong. I think I needed him… Now my friend is gone. Mayberry is a special place; I love this little town. My son and…

Remembering Don Knotts

Web //–> Actor Don Knotts, best known for his role as Barney Fife on the television program “The Andy Griffith Show,” was born Jesse Don Knotts on July 21, 1924 in Morgantown, WV. He was the youngest of four sons born to Elsie L. Moore and William Jesse Knotts. His father, who suffered from schizophrenia and alcoholism, had a nervous breakdown, and lost the family farm before Don was born. Knotts’ father passed away when Don was only thirteen…

July Birthdays

Web //–> Jamie Farr/Sylvio 7/01/1934 Mitch Jayne/Mitch Darling 1928/07/05 Earle Hagen/Music 7/09/1919 Cheerio Meredith/Emma Brand Watson 7/12/1890-12/25/1964 Buddy Foster/Mike Jones 7/12/1957 Robert Emhardt/Malcolm Tucker,Willard Foster,etc. 7/16/1916-12/29/1994 Sid Hickox/Sid the cameraman 7/17/1889-5/00/1992 Don Knotts/Barney Fife 7/21/1924 – 2/24/2006Photo by Kathryn Darden for Mabel Albertson/Mrs. Sprague 7/24/1901-8/00/1982 James Best/Jim Lindsey 7/26/1926 Jerry Van Dyke/Jerry Miller 7/27/1932 Live in Tennessee? Love “The Andy Griffith Show?” Click to subscribe to TennesseeTAGS Swag out with Christian Activities Merchandise!

Like Barney

Web //–> Photos © 2003 by I love the “Andy Griffith Show” for many reasons. I actually grew up in a town smaller than Mayberry. In fact, our largest company was a 320 pound man who sold vacuums door to door. So, we used to watch the Andy Griffith Show just to dream that one day our town might be that big! We also could identify with the characters. We all had an “Aunt Bee” that offered warm…

DukesFest Delivers 100,000 Good Ole Boys ‘n Girls to Town

//–> All photos © 2006 The largest event ever to hit the Nashville Motorplex/Fairgrounds occurred this past weekend when DukesFest 2006 delivered an estimated 100,000 fans of “The Dukes of Hazzard” television series to the Nashville Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday. Fans from all 50 states and several other countries flowed into an enthusiastic sea of orange at Music City Motorplex as over 100 General Lee’s were parked on the speedway and fan t-shirts mirrored the General’s colors. The…

June Birthdays

Web //–> Andy Griffith June 1 Ellen Corby – Myrt Lesh June 3, 1911 – April 14, 1999 Hope Summers-Clara Edwards Johnson June 7, 1902-June 22, 1979 Jim Nabors-Gomer Pyle June 12, 1933 Jack Bannon-Announcer June 14, 1940 Live in Tennessee? Love “The Andy Griffith Show?” Click to subscribe to TennesseeTAGS Swag out with Christian Activities Merchandise!

Jim Nabors – Comedian, Singer, & American Icon

Web //–> Jim Nabors – Gomer Pyle Although actor Jim Nabors is best known for performing “Back Home Again in Indiana” every year at the Indianapolis 500 for over 30 years, Nabors first sauntered into American pop culture with his country gait and a deep-fried drawl in the 1960s playing Mayberry’s lovable mechanic, Gomer Pyle. Before that Nabors had been performing in The Horn, a Santa Monica, California nightclub. Someone told Andy Griffith he should check out Nabors’ act,…


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