Web //–> (From our archives, December 2000) Everyone surely remembers Corporal Max Klinger, the dress-wearing, Section 8 seeking scoundrel who together with Hawkeye and Trapper John kept things hopping on M.A.S.H. TAGS fans will certainly remember him as a conniving, singing, weather-forcasting gypsy out to con Mayberry. The latest role for Jamie Farr is in Nashville as he takes on the role of Scrooge for “A Musical Christmas Carol” playing now at the Ryman Auditorium. Although this adaptation by…

A Mayberry Christmas

Web //–> Christmas: Mayberry Style The temperature was dropping, there were snowflakes in the air, the town choir was practicing, there was joy everywhere. Aunt Bee had been to Foleys, Andy had gone to get the tree, Barney was practicing his ” ho, ho. ho’s,” as young Opie looked on with glee. Floyd had his shop all decorated, as did Howard at his house, Goober was closin’ for the day, & tryin’ to catch a pesky mouse. On the…

George Lindsey on the Secret of a Long Life

The week before his 83rd birthday in December 2011, Christian Activities publisher and Skin, Health & Beauty editor Kathryn E. Darden asked George “Goober” Lindsey what the Secret of a Long Life was. Lindsey’s answer was both unexpected and funny. Find out more at: George Lindsey on the Secret of a Long Life Watch the video:George Lindsey on the Secret of a Long Life The Mayberry Poem: A Tribute to Mayberry //–>

‘The Very First Noel’ features Andy Griffith as Narrator

“The Very First Noel,” Exclaim Entertainment’s new animated Christmas special for 2006 featuring the voice of Andy Griffith (as Melchior), will be available on DirecTV throughout the entire holiday season! Starting Friday, November 24 (the day after Thanksgiving) and running through December 31, “The Very First Noel” will air daily on a regular basis on DirecTV Channel 103. “The Christmas story provides a beautiful — and powerful — opportunity for bringing families together, so we think “The Very First Noel”…

December Birthdays

Web //–> 1. Keith Thibodeaux – Johnny Paul Jason 1950 2. Leo Gordon – Luke Comstock 1922 – 12/26 2000 2. Robert F. Simon – Mr Crawford 1908 – 11/29 1992 3. Rance Howard – Various 1923 4. Isabel Randolph – Mrs Bixby 1889 – 1/11 1973 5. Morgan Brittany (Sue Cupito) – Mary Alice Carter 1951 5. Jack Moore – The Salesman 1921 – 5/04 1997 7. Clinton Sundberg – Farley Upchurch 1906 – 12/14 1987 8. John…

Tribute To Aneta Corsaut

Web //–> CONGRESSIONAL RECORD Proceedings and Debates of the 104th Congress, First Session WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1995 HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Tribute To Anita Corsaut The Honorable Howard L. Berman of California The Honorable Henry A. Waxman of California Mr. Speaker, we are honored to pay tribute to Aneta Corsaut, a dear friend, who died much too young from cancer this November. Aneta was a spirited, warm and lovely woamn who had a heartfelt compassion for others. Those who…

Thanksgiving in Mayberry

Thanksgiving in Mayberry–A Poem T hanksgiving in Mayberry — H elen and Ope home from school, A ndy closes the Courthouse; N ow Aunt Bee sets the rules, K eeping everything just so, S ets the table, cooks the food, G iving each guest big helpings I n the day’s festive mood. V ery soon all are seated I n the Taylor’s residence N ow it’s time for grace, says Andy, G ives thanks for God’s providence. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, MAYBERRY!…

Fun Girl Jean Carson Passes Away

It is with a heavy heart that I pass along the news that our beloved “Fun Girl” Jean Carson passed away on Wednesday, November 2. You can go to her web site at and get a little more info. I was fortunate enough to know Miss Carson on a personal level. We spoke every 2 weeks or so. She told me she dearly wanted to come home to West Virginia next spring. She has gone to a better place,…

Remembering Aneta Corsaut

Web //–> November is not only the month of Aneta Corsaut’s birthday, it is also the anniversary of her death. I thought this would be an appropriate time to talk to a friend of Aneta’s and get him to share some of his memories with us. I met Dave Nash at the 2002 Mayberry Days when Evie from Wally’s Service in Mt. Airy, N.C., brought him over to meet me and get me to autograph a Mayberry poetry book….

October Birthdays

Web //–> Cast and crew members from “The Andy Griffith Show” who were born in October: Julie Adams/Mary Simpson 10/17/1926 Bob Sweeney/Director 10/19/1918-6/07/1992 William Christopher/Agent Heathcote/ etc. 10/20/1932 Frank Sutton/SGT. Vince Carter 10/23/1923-6/28/1974 Jackie Coogan/George Stevens 10/24/1914-3/01/1984 Live in Tennessee? Love “The Andy Griffith Show?” Click to join TennesseeTAGS Swag out with Christian Activities Merchandise! Use this link to shop and support Christian Activities


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