Mayberry Sparkles


Kathryn E. Darden
Dec 10, 2009



Mayberry shines like a Christmas tree,

Neon lights tell our town's history:

Snappy Lunch, The Grand, and Blue Bird cafe;

Shining lights welcome and bid you to stay.

Mayberry sparkles like Christmas snow

Stores along Main Street all aglow,

Weavers, Floyd's, Foley's and more

Sparkling lights twinkle on every store.

Mayberry gleams like holiday ice,

Season's greetings from folks plain nice.

Main Street hustles in cheerful frenzy,

Gleaming lights festooned on every tree.

Mayberry glows like the long-ago star,

Beckoning folks from near and far.

Meyer's Lake, Kelsey's Woods, and local mountains,

Glowing like the star over Bethleham.

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